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Destroy All Humans Challenges Guide

Destroy All Humans Challenges Guide

Destroy All Humans has 24 Challenges (6 areas, 4 challenges per area). Acing all Challenges with 3 Stars unlocks the Ace of Space trophy or achievement.

Nothing is missable. You can still do all Challenges after the story in free-roam. In fact, it’s recommended to not touch them until you’re done with the story. By that point you’ll have more upgrades and the Challenges will be much easier to do. Challenges aren’t available from the start anyway, you must advance in the story to unlock them. Then in Mission Select you can revisit any location in free-roam and visit the golden icons marked on the map.

There are 4 types of Challenges:

  • Armageddon – Absorb marked vehicles with your saucer
  • Abduction – Throw objects or lifeforms into an abduction beam
  • Race – Catch a drone as quickly as possible
  • Rampage – Killing enemies on foot

The Challenges also have bonus objectives which yield more points. Doing the bonus objectives is essential for reaching 3 stars. Go into the challenges with as many upgrades as possible. Each challenge gives 2000 points for acing it, allowing you to buy more upgrades. If a challenge is giving you trouble, do the easier ones first and return later with more upgrades.

Challenges Video Guide


Armageddon #1: Burning Barns – 0:05
Abduction #1: Cornered Beef – 2:20
Race #1: Rural Race – 4:35
Rampage #1: Farmland Fiasco – 6:10


Armageddon #2: Rockwell Reclamation – 9:02
Abduction #2: Rockwell Requisition – 11:19
Race #2: Rockwell Rush – 14:15
Rampage #2: Rockwell BBQ – 16:17


Armageddon #3: So Long, Santa! – 19:16
Abduction #3: Santa Supply – 22:03
Race #3: Santa Prix – 25:18
Rampage #3: Modesta Massacre – 26:33


Armageddon #4: Desert Devastation – 28:58
Abduction #4: Abduction 42 – 31:43
Race #4: Desert Dash – 34:57
Rampage #4: Military Mayhem – 37:08


Armageddon #5: Union Tower Termination – 40:41
Abduction #5: Union Haul – 43:46
Race #5: Union Town Trip – 46:07
Rampage #5: Union Town Turmoil – 47:27


Armageddon #6: Capitol Collapse – 50:39
Abduction #6: Capitol Confidential – 53:31
Race #6: Capitol Chase – 56:24
Rampage #6: Capitol Carnage – 58:40


Armageddon #1: Burning Barns

Don’t waste time destroying the barn. Only focus on the bonus objective, the police cars marked in yellow on the radar. Pull them to you with :r1: and repeatedly press :triangle: to absorb them (the car may not be destroyed). This consumes the car and gives massive bonus points. It’s far quicker than destroying the barns. Just fly around and suck in these police cars marked on the radar in yellow.

Abduction #1: Cornered Beef

Here you must throw cows into a blue abduction beam. You get bonus points if the cow is alive. Ignore all the farmers (if they shoot a cow by accident it doesn’t matter as there are more cows than you need). Just run after the blue beam quickly on foot and throw all cows into it along the way. This can take 2 or more tries to get a better idea where all the cows are. They are all very close to where the abduction beam is, on its direct path. Just stay really close to the beam while grabbing the cows and quickly throwing them into the beam. The last few cows are slightly out of the way in a fenced area to the right when the timer goes to 20 seconds.

Race #1: Rural Race

Races are all basically the same. You have to follow a drone and collect all its packets quickly. Buy Crypto’s Dash upgrade in the bottom row called “ZeroFriction”, it allows you to skate around by holding :circle: . This is quicker than walking. When the drone goes flying you need to boost through the sky using the :x: jetpack.

Rampage #1: Farmland Fiasco

Grab the farmers (red dots on map) by holding :r1: and throw them by releasing :r1: . You should throw them all into the lake for bonus points. This way each farmer killed counts double. Just stay near where you start at the lake. Quickly hover over the farmers, hold :r1: , turn to the pond and release :r1: , repeat.


Armageddon #2: Rockwell Reclamation

Just like in the first Armageddon Challenge you should focus on the optional objective – absorbing the police cars. This gives more points than destroying structures. Along the way destroy what you can, but be careful not to destroy the police cars (suck them in with :r1: and repeatedly press :triangle: to absorb them).

Abduction #2: Rockwell Requisition

The key to winning this challenge is to kill all the humans before throwing them into the blue abduction beam. A fully upgraded Zap-o-Matic is great here so that the sparks jump between 3 humans and deal more damage. When the humans are dead, immediately pick them up and throw them into the beam (don’t let their bodies sit around as they might disappear or could be hard to find again if you leave them lying around). Always stay close to the abduction beam, don’t go too far away from it. By throwing deceased people into the beam you get 2 bonus points each time, well worth the extra time it takes to kill the humans!

Race #2: Rockwell Rush

See instructions of first race.

Rampage #2: Rockwell BBQ

In this challenge you must kill cows. The best way to get 3 stars is having a fully upgraded Zap-o-Matic. Killing them with electricity (= Zap-o-Matic) gives double the points. When you have this weapon fully upgraded it attacks 3 cows simultaneously (when they are close together) and does massively more damage. You can ignore the human enemies, they should do too significant damage to you (having upgraded shields helps to stay alive longer).


Armageddon #3: So Long, Santa!

Same as the other Armageddons, focus only on absorbing the marked cars (yellow markers on map). Those give far more points than destroying buildings. Feel free to destroy the air-defense systems along the way.

Abduction #3: Santa Supply

Having fully upgraded Crypto’s PK (Psychokinesis) comes in very handy here. It allows you to lift cars with :r1: . They give 3 points instead of 1. You can do it without this fully upgraded ability, but if you have it then only focus on abducting cars until you get to the beach. If you don’t have it, grab all the toys in the gardens where the beam goes through. As soon as you reach the beach, focus only on throwing the beach furniture into the beam (regardless of whether or not you have fully upgraded PK). There’s a lot of stuff close together at the beach. Ignore the cops, they won’t do much damage to you anyway.

Race #3: Santa Prix

See instructions of 1st race.

Rampage #3: Modesta Massacre

Using the Ion Detonator weapon, preferably with 2 Ammo Upgrades (bottom upgrade branch) is ideal here. Its attacks count as explosion kills, which give double the points in this challenge! Wait for a bunch of police officers to group together, then shoot them with the Ion Detonator. It will kill all of them instantly and you get double points for each of them. After buying the 2 ammo upgrades for Ion Detonator you start with 15 instead of 5 ammo for this weapon. Once you run out of ammo, kill the other police officers with Disintegrator Ray or Zap-o-Matic (whatever kills them fastest). You can also throw explosive barrels into larger groups.


Armageddon #4: Desert Devastation

As with all Armageddons, the key is to focus on absorbing the vehicles. However, you will want to destroy all anti-air defenses first, otherwise they will shoot rockets at you which also destroy the vehicles you have pulled up. There are only 2 missile defense systems. The first is straight ahead from where you start (by a street that connects the military camp to the research compound). The 2nd one is to the top left of where you started, in the research compound. After destroying these, suck up all vehicles and use upgraded Sonic Boom & Quantum Deconstructor to destroy structures on your way to new vehicle spawns.

Abduction #4: Abduction 42

Here you must abduct military objects – this includes soldiers, explosive barrels, ammo crates, other military objects, crates, vehicles etc. One of the keys to succeed here is to abduct the soldiers too. Stay close to the beam at all times. Also, having fully upgraded PK (Psychokinesis) allows you to lift enemy vehicles, planes and tanks (which give double points). While not absolutely mandatory, it helps to score some extra points along the way that can make a difference in the end.

Race #4: Desert Dash

See instructions of 1st race.

Rampage #4: Military Mayhem

For this one it’s highly recommended to have fully upgraded Ion Detonator & Disintegrator Ray & Zap-o-Matic (fully upgraded Shields are also good). Your goal is to destroy the enemy tanks marked in yellow, and you get DOUBLE POINTS for destroying them with explosion. Which weapon does explosions?: The Ion Detonator! However, a single blast of it won’t be enough to blow up a tank. You must weaken it first. Use the fully upgraded Zap-o-Matic to do damage for 1 second, then switch to the Ion Detonator and detonate one shot to blow up the tank. Repeat until you run out of Ion Detonator (having it fully upgraded is important to start with 15 ammo and have a bigger blast radius). Once you run out of ammo, use the fully upgraded Dinsintegrator Ray, it destroys tanks super quick. When you run out of Disintegrator Ray, use the Zap-o-Matic as a last resort. Time is very tight on this challenge and it will be a close call to reach the required 40 points. One of the harder challenges.


Armageddon #5: Union Tower Termination

Similar to the last Armageddon, start by taking out the missile defense systems (as they would explode the cars when you suck them in). Then focus on :r1: sucking in all yellow-marked cars and repeatedly press :triangle: absorb them. Use fully upgraded Sonic Boom & Quantum Deconstructor to destroy buildings on your way to vehicles.

Abduction #5: Union Haul

In this you only need to abduct human workers. They have different outfits than other humans (only workers count, other humans don’t). Follow the abduction beam closely. All workers are on the beam’s immediate path. You must get pretty much all of them and throw them into the beam while they’re alive for double points (don’t throw in corpses, those only give 1 point). A little trick: After the very first group of workers, there will be an empty street that the beam follows for about 10 seconds. There are no workers on that street, but you can jump behind the fenced area on the left where an air-defense system is to grab 2 workers. These can make a difference in the end as there’s not a lot of room for error in this challenge.

Race #5: Union Town Trip

See instructions for 1st race.

Rampage #5: Union Town Turmoil

Here you must kill workers (other humans don’t count). Even though they aren’t marked on the map, basically everyone in town is a worker (they are dressed uniquely). You get DOUBLE POINTS for explosive kills (=Ion Detonator) & PK (Psychokinesis) kills. For large groups use the Ion Detonator. Then skate around town using fully upgraded Dash ability (hold :circle: to skate once you have the upgrade) and grab single workers with :r1: to throw them. WARNING: Don’t get out of the mission zone. You will see a red marker in the middle of the screen when getting close to the edge. Unfortunately, the mission area is not sealed off and it’s easy to get out of bounds by accident. If you leave the area the challenge fails automatically (even if you already got 3 stars). When you have 3 stars, just stay where you are and let time run out.


Armageddon #6: Capitol Collapse

As always, focus on absorbing the car. Destroy any missile defense systems so they don’t explode the cars by accident. Feel free to use fully upgraded Sonic Boom & Quantum Deconstructor to destroy buildings on your way to vehicles.

Abduction #6: Capitol Confidential

The key to winning this challenge is to kill all Agents before throwing them into the abduction beam. Always fly in the air, this way the agents won’t hit you. Use FULLY UPGRADED Zap-o-Matic (electric weapon) to kill them quickly. Don’t leave the corpses lying around, throw them into the beam immediately (otherwise they might disappear or get tossed away by explosions). If you get overrun it’s okay to throw in a few agents without killing them, but as a rule of thumb kill one and immediately throw him in, and repeat.

Race #6: Capitol Chase

See instructions of 1st race.

Rampage #6: Capitol Carnage

During this final challenge you are supposed to kill agents. Using the anal probe to do kills gives double the points. You should only use the FULLY UPGRADED Anal Probe and nothing else against the enemies. However, when the challenges starts, quickly destroy the anti-air turret on the left with the Ion Detonator. Now let’s talk about the Anal Probe. The key things here is that fully upgrading it speeds up the time to kill, lets you use 2 probes simultaneously, and makes successful probes jump over to another enemy. All upgrades are mandatory here. What you’ll need to do is to watch the bottom right of the screen where it shows the Anal Probe ammo. You have 2 total (the ammo recharges automatically). Tap :r2: once to connect it to one enemy, then target another enemy and again press :r2: once. DON’T repeatedly press :r2: on the same enemy, each tap consumes one ammo (which takes a few seconds to recharge). Tapping it multiple times doesn’t make it go faster, so only press once per enemy. As soon as 1 Ammo has recharged (see bottom right) you’ll want to shoot a new probe immediately. The timing is very important here. Keep probing enemies like this. Mutants can also be probed. Military doesn’t give points towards the challenge so try to ignore them. You should always be flying sideways at all times above the enemies. This way they won’t hit you so much. When Agents hit you, it can lock your weapons for a few seconds which costs you time. This is one of the hardest challenges in the game because so much is going on at once. In summary: keep flying sideways to avoid being hit, always have two probes active at the same time (shoot the next as soon as it shows 1 ammo in bottom right). Within a few tries you should get this done.


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