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Among Us tips to help you win games

Among Us

right at the start of every match a
screen comes up telling you to be quiet
if you left-click whilst on this screen
you can skip it and get straight into
the game slightly faster this can be
used to make your way down to a vent or
maybe make it to the storage room before
your opponents are even able to move
whenever you walk by a camera you can
easily tell if someone is watching by
checking for the blinking red light that
only appears when you’re being monitored

almost all actions in the game have both
a keyboard shortcut
and an on-screen button generally
speaking it’s slightly faster to use the
keyboard shortcut so it’s definitely
worthwhile to understand what they are
the important keyboard shortcuts to keep
in mind are e
q r and tab this one’s a little obvious
but when possible try to kill in low
traffic areas like the navigation room
or the research lab
you should also make use of vents to get
as far away from your victim as possible
in order to avoid suspicion
another slightly obvious tip is to try
and remain as consistent as possible
with your verbal behavior
if you talk more or less depending on
what role you’re playing
people will usually pick up on it we
have a 50 50 here i think it’s either
sammy or aaron
i think it’s definitely not me i haven’t
done it
that does not are you shouting can we
spy on one of them
what do you mean it’s not truthful i
i don’t understand you yeah it does not
sound like
i’m telling the truth
i know it doesn’t sound like i’m telling
the truth if you watch someone walk away
from a task without the task bar
changing that means they’re probably an

of course the opposite also applies to
innocence in the med bay there’s a task
that involves
scanning yourself if you have this task
don’t do it immediately
instead you should wait for the first
vote and tell everyone to come with you
into the med bay because activating
that task plays a scanning animation for
people who watch you do it
and there’s no way for an imposter to
replicate that animation
the same also goes for the trash shoots
zach is 100 safe and he can vouch for me
as well we both did trash
yeah all right okay i can also do trash
i me and aaron both
if the lights are out and you’re with
several other people you might be able
to get away with killing someone despite
being near the others due to the
extremely short vision range
it’s still a risk but it’s possible to
pull off especially if you immediately
self-report the body not giving them
time to even see that someone was dead
when you’re playing as the imposter
sometimes it’s worthwhile to stand near
someone for a while and then leave
without killing them
this will make them trust you more when
voting time comes
and could keep you from getting voted
out when you’re playing as the imposter
you can actually
solve your own sabotages i know it may
seem counterintuitive to do so
but it’s a great way to get other
players to trust you come voting time
another one that may seem a little
counterintuitive is for the crew to
up rather than completing tasks if the
crew is grouped up it’s a lot harder for
the imposter to kill anyone and can
sometimes result in an instant
together what does that mean dan’s the
only possible one
because i don’t think he’s been done
because we’ve all been proven valid
do you have anything to prove yourself
you mother
would never stop grouping up you would
stop tripping up you
i killed people at the only possible
opportunities that i had


  1. Oi gente tudo bem eu baixei esse jogo né porque o among us ele é meu também me ligar mas o meu irmão já baixou e abaixou esse daqui aí eu falei assim que eu quero jogar muito jogo mas quando for quando tiver jogando aí eu não vou escrever muito pecado que eu não gosto muito de escrever às vezes não liga não tá pequena na mão Grylls eu toda hora no jogava não quer dizer não blusa não como se fala eu não conseguia escrever travava tá tchau beijo


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