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method for Investigations Phasmophobia


Phase 1: Locating the ghost

first off, the ghost resides in one specific room in the building. The goal of the first phase is to locate that room. since your sanity is high, you should:

  1. have each person grab an emf or a thermometer and one sound sensor each
  2. split up and each person walk to a separate end of the building, checking each room with emf / thermometer on the way
  3. somewhere along the way each person put down a sound sensor

if your group fans out and checks each room, you extend your search area greatly and you are more likely to find the target room quickly. Someone will probably find the ghost’s room eventually, but if this phase is drawing out for too long and y’all have put down all the sound sensors, someone can go back to the truck to see which sensor is picking up the most noise. Target your search in that area, or if none of the sensors are picking up anything, target your search in the excluded areas.

The sound sensor is really effective at narrowing down your search area, which saves time, but other tools like parabolic sound sensor or salt work too.

speed is key here, and you’re gonna want to find that room before your sanity drops too low and you have hunts to deal with.

But once you’ve found the room, you can put the emf inside it (to check for lvl 5) and begin phase 2.

Phase 2: Identifying the ghost

This is where the fun begins and you start experimenting on the ghost.

Now that you have your room, everyone should head back to the van to grab equipment to setup. It’s up to y’all want you want to use, but I recommend:

  • a book
  • spirit box
  • video camera
  • some uv light
  • a photo camera
  • and emf and thermometer, if you haven’t already

Go through your equipment and mark off evidence in your journal. It’s suggested that once the camera is set up, you should turn off all the lights in and near the room and everyone return to the van to check for spirit orbs. There’s currently an unconfirmed myth that only some of the people in the team can see them.

It is advised to be working in the light as much as possible, to keep your sanity up. Once it gets too low, the ghost will start hunting for you and force you to go into phase 3.

Phase 3: Pictures

There is no real line where phase 2 ends and phase 3 starts. If the ghost has initiated hunts, start phase 3 immediately.

At this point in the investigation, your sanity will likely have taken a hit and the ghost will begin getting more dangerous.
It is smart to stick together, and have one person hold a crucifix at all times and another person hold a smudge stick and lighter.
Do your best to finish up the investigation and get enough evidence to identify the ghost, but time is not on your side.

This phase is about getting as many good pictures as possible to maximize your profits, so bring a picture camera and take photos of:

  • Dirty water in sink (find a sink near ghost room and fill it first)
  • fingerprints or handprints (use uv light)
  • ghost writing
  • the bone
  • the ghost itself (if it isn’t currently hunting you!)
  • the emf reader going off (unconfirmed if this gets you money)

It is advised to have someone dedicated to taking pictures and to have someone dedicated to holding the crucifix.

Once you have enough pictures, you should leave before it gets too dangerous. If you don’t have enough evidence, guess.
If all the steps above have gone well, you can count this as a successful investigation!

Safety Precautions

This section of the guide is dedicated to teaching you how you can practice safety during your investigations.

It is important to note that your sanity is essentially your clock, so if you’re working in good lighting conditions, you can extend your time. You most likely won’t have to worry a much in phase 1, but you should begin thinking about safety in phase 2.

There are two main ways to help protect yourself.

  1. have someone always hold a crucifix

    Some people like tossing one inside the ghost room, but it is unconfirmed if that works. It is, however, very confirmed that always holding the crucifix prevents ghost hunts. It should be noted that the crucifix is the only way to prevent a ghost hunt once your sanity is low.

    The crucifix has a small radius, so the person holding it should stand in the middle of the room.
  2. In the event of a hunt, hide in an area where you can close a door behind you (any room or locker) and remain still and quiet.

oh, the smudge stick? They nerfed that. It no longer stops a hunt, it just delays the hunt for a few seconds to give you time to hide.
You’re gonna want those seconds, so bring a smudge stick and a lighter if you expect a hunt to occur.

Take note that hiding inside the ghost room will get you killed. Hide anywhere else. Except the hallway.
I will detail how hunts work in the next section.

The Hunt

The hunt is the most dangerous aspect of the investigation and the main way for the ghost to kill.

There are four identifying features of Hunts.

  1. Lights flickering constantly. This will be your flashlight and the room lights. If you see this flickering, a hunt has started and you must hide Immediately!
  2. jammed radio. If you hold down the radio button to speak to your teammates, you will only hear static. If they try to speak to you over the radio, you will only hear static. You can still talk locally, but anyone in the van won’t hear you.
  3. Heartbeat. This only applies if the lights are flickering and the radio is jammed. Usually, if you hear the heartbeat, the ghost is coming right at you, and you need to Immediately break line of sight to the ghost.
  4. The total activity graph in the van reaches 10. This doesn’t necessarily mean a hunt, but if you’re seeing this and you’re only getting static from the radio and all the lights in the house are flickering… Count yourself lucky you aren’t in there right now. Once the level reaches 0, you can contact your teammates through the radio to let them know the hunt is over.

When a hunt starts, the ghost will most often materialize in the hallways and then begin the chase. 8 seconds will pass between the start of the hunt and the chase, so you have a little bit of time to run into the nearest room and close the door behind you.

If the Ghost attempts to materialize near someone holding a crucifix, it will damage the crucifix. The crucifix will break after the second attempt, and you will notice that you are no longer holding it.

If you identify the hunts early, you can keep yourself safe by hiding quickly. Although, it is greatly recommended that you and your team consider leaving once hunts begin.

Good luck out there, Paranormal investigator!



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