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Warms Rumble guide

Ithink are going to help a lot of you
out if you are playing this game
this game is available on steam on pc
and also ps4 and ps5
is actually on the ps plus for free this
when you are playing on playstation if
not it’s 11 pound for the standard
or 17 pound for the deluxe so jumping
straight into it as soon as you spawn
into a game of deathmatch
you will start with either a hand cannon
a shotgun
or an assault rifle and every single
time you die in the game
it will switch up your weapon so make
sure you pay attention to the bottom
right of the screen
just so that you don’t make the mistake
of spawning him with a hand cannon
and holding down your mouse button or
your trigger or whatever you shoot with
so you don’t hold that down thinking
you’ve got an assault rifle or the other
way around and you’re clicking
thinking you’ve got a hand cannon when
you actually have an assault rifle
so just keep your eye on the bottom
right every time you spawn in because it
will switch up your weapons
sometimes when you sworn into the game
you will be lucky enough to spawn right
next to a crate
open the crate is going to give you some
goodies you can get energy drinks you
can get med kits you can get different
ammo there’s a lot of helpful stuff in
those crates
you can also find them scattered around
the map as well the med kits that you
can find in crates
will replenish your health and the
energy drinks will give you armor
you’ll notice above your health there’s
a blank bar when you get an energy drink
it’s going to give you 50
armor and i believe you can use two so
you can have 100 armor on top of your
health as well
make sure when you are playing this game
if you’re on pc is shift
make sure you are rolling around this is
going to help you get out of sticky
it’s going to speed you up a little bit
so you can traverse the map a little bit
it makes your hit box so much smaller so
that you are much harder to hit
so make sure you are rolling it will be
your best friend and sometimes it can
save you
from pretty much inevitable death
because there are a lot of kills that go
on within these games
if you see vents or like tunnels or
toilets or anything like that
you can hide in a lot of them and you
can recover your health you can make a
strategic escape from someone chasing
people can only see into them when they
are entering that area so if there’s a
and you’re above it there could be
someone hiding in there you never ever
unless you go in there yourself and then
it will basically reveal that
on your screen so that you can see
everything inside that tunnel
cargo containers and stuff on a certain
map as well there are lots of areas that
you can
basically hide in your mini map on the
top left corner of your screen
will show you big red blips and that
will show you where the gun fights are
you’ll also if you’ve got your game
sound up you’ll hear the worms screaming
and shouting and stuff
but those blips are going to be handy
because you can either get away from the
if you’re just wanting to chill and do
your own thing or it’s going to pinpoint
where fights are happening so you can go
and get yourself involved
leveling up your weapons will unlock new
skins that’s all it’s going to do
but the higher you get that specific
weapon in terms of his level
the colder the skins are going to get
but that’s all it does leveling up a

Will just unlock new skins you will also
if you look on the main menu screen
you will have daily challenges not
entirely sure what time they switch
around and stuff or reset
but they will give you random skins
different customization for your worms
and everything like that
and it’s how i was i was lucky to do
this but it was how i got my animated
legendary psychedelic shotgun skin and
just the fact that it’s animated i
absolutely love it
but remember left hand side of your main
menu screen you will have some
challenges there that you can do
in game depth match is the only game
in the game until you were level 5 once
you were level 5 you would unlock the
squad battle royale
and then at level 10 you would unlock
the solo battle royale but other than
the two brs
deathmatch is your only game mode so
it’s a very very small game
you can use elevators there are
elevators scattered around the maps you
can use those to either go up or down
get away from fights and try and find a
different area where there are fights
going on
whatever you want to use them for you
can use the elevators and if you see
shiny objects they’ll have this like
glow that goes over them
there’ll be like grates on the floor
there’ll be vehicles in the garages and
stuff or the car parks or whatever
there will be vehicles you can shoot
them you will destroy them
it can open up different paths you can
get a quick like tactical route change
if you want to or you can get the drop
on another player
just make sure that you’re keeping your
eyes open looking for those shiny
because you can destroy them and then
the very final thing
just quickly before we wrap this video
up the only thing you need to do
on this game to improve in terms of
getting more kills and dealing more
damage per match
is to just simply get used to the
weapons and get used to your aiming
i play on pc default settings haven’t
changed anything
not even sure if you can change stuff
but the best weapon to use in my opinion
is the shotgun at close range like point
blank you can get like 70 damage
per shot it’s very very strong it’s got
a nice spread as well if you’re shooting
from far away
so just make sure that when you are
playing you’re practicing you’re playing
quite a lot just so you get used to the
mechanics of the game
and exactly how it works but on that
note that’s going to do it for the video
let me know your thoughts and stuff in
the comments i hope you guys enjoyed it
i will see you in the next one
i hope it helped you out thank you for



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