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cyberpunk 2077 customization perks weapons activities more

cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here. After years of waiting, one of the most anticipated games ever (in my book, anyway) has arrived. Or at least, it will arrive on December 10, 2020. In advance of the launch, CD Projekt Red gave us (and a bunch of others) early access to a near-final build for review. Naturally, we wanted to run benchmarks to see how the game actually performs on a variety of hardware. However, there’s a major disclaimer: This is near-final code, but CDPR has been working on bug fixes, tuning, and optimization for the past couple of weeks. AMD and Nvidia are also working on driver improvements, and the preview copy includes Denuvo protection. That could impact CPU performance in particular, which is why this is a preview of how the game runs. The final release code should perform at least this well, and hopefully a bit better.

With that out of the way, we can finally put some hard numbers to the official Cyberpunk 2077 system requirements. The minimum GPU listed is a GTX 780, with GTX 1060 6GB recommended for 1080p high, RTX 2060 for 1440p ultra, and an RTX 2080 Super for 4K ultra. Then there’s the ray tracing additions, with the RTX 2060 listed as the minimum for 1080p and RT medium, 3070 for 1440p and RT ultra, and 3080 for 4K RT ultra. Based on what we’re seeing, it looks like those recommendations are for 30-40 fps. If you’re after smooth 60 fps performance, you’re going to need to aim quite a bit higher on the hardware specs (unless the day-0 launch patch provides an unprecedented boost to performance).

We will say that the game is very playable at 30-60 fps on PC. Gunfights can be a bit more difficult if you’re at the lower end of that range, but if you’ve played another shooter at 30-60 fps, Cyberpunk 2077 shouldn’t pose any problems. It’s not a fast-paced shooter by any stretch, and there are often other alternatives to shooting. Still, going from 30-40 fps up to 60+ fps makes for a much nicer experience overall.




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