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Rust Crafting Recipes

NameRequirements to Craft Researchable? 
556 Ammo2 Metal Fragments & 5 GunpowderYes
9mm Ammo1 Metal Fragments & 3 GunpowderNo
9mm Pistol5 Low Quality MetalNo
Arrow1 Stone & 4 WoodNo
Bandage2 ClothNo
Bolt Action Rifle50 wood, 30 low quality metal, 20 leatherNo
Camp Fire5 WoodNo
Cloth Boots3 ClothNo
Cloth Helmet5 ClothNo
Cloth Pants8 ClothNo
Cloth Vest10 ClothNo
Explosive Charges15 Explosives & 1 FlareNo
F1 Grenade80 Gunpowder and 25 Metal FragmentsYes
Flare8 Metal Fragments & 8 GunpowderYes
Flashlight Mod5 Low Quality MetalYes
Furnace15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Quality FuelNo
Hand Cannon20 Wood & 20 Metal FragmentsNo
Handmade Shell1 Stones & 5 GunpowderNo
Hatchet Melee10 Metal Fragments, 20 WoodNo
Holo sight5 Low Quality MetalYes
Hunting Bow35 Wood & 5 ClothNo
Kevlar Boots40 Metal FragmentsYes
Kevlar Helmet70 Metal FragmentsYes
Kevlar Pants4 Low Quality Metal & 4 LeatherYes
Kevlar Vest50 Metal FragmentsYes
Large Medkit3 Cloth & 3 Blood BagsHas to be researched
Small Medkit2 Cloth & 2 Blood BagsHas to be researched
Large Spike Wall200 WoodNo
Large Wood Storage60 WoodYes
Laser Sight5 Low Quality MetalHas to be researched
Leather Boots4 LeatherYes
Leather Helmet7 LeatherYes
Leather Pants12 LeatherYes
Leather Vest15 LeatherYes
M425 Low Quality MetalYes
MP5A415 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Ceiling6 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Door200 metal fragmentsNo
Metal Doorway4 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Foundation8 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Pillar4 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Ramp5 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Stairs5 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Wall4 Low Quality MetalYes
P2507 Low Quality MetalYes
Paper10 WoodYes
Pick Axe40 Wood & 15 Metal FragmentsYes
Pipe Shotgun50 Wood + 40 Metal Fragmentsno
Rad Suit BootsYes
Rad Suit Helmet10 Cloth, 30 Metal FragmentsYes
Rad Suit Pants15 Cloth, 40 Metal FragmentsYes
Rad Suit VestYes
Furnace15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Quality FuelNo
Shotgun15 Low Quality MetalYes
Shotgun Shells2 Metal Fragments, 3 GunpowderYes
Silencer8 Low Quality MetalYes
Sleeping Bag15 ClothNo
Small Stash10 LeatherYes
Spike Wall100 WoodNo
Stone Hatchet5 Stones & 10 WoodNo
Torch1 Low Grade Fuel & 1 Cloth & 1 WoodNo
Wood Barricade30 WoodNo
Wood Ceiling80 WoodNo
Wood Door20 WoodNo
Wood Doorway20 WoodNo
Wood Foundation8 WoodplanksNo
Wood Gate120 WoodNo
Wood Gateway400 WoodNo
Wood Pillar2 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Planks10 WoodNo
Wood Ramp5 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Shelter50 WoodNo
Wood Stairs5 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Storage Box30 WoodNo
Wood Wall4 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Window4 Wood PlanksNo
Wooden Door20 WoodNo
Workbench8 Stones & 50 WoodNo

Metal Fragments
Metal fragments can be obtained by different ways:

  • Breaking down items in a Recycler
  • Smelting/cooking empty cans
  • Mining Quarries
  • Looting other players

To craft metal fragments you need both fuel and metal ore. Place them both inside a furnace. Ignite the furnace and the ores will slowly start to turn into metal fragments. The yield per metal ore is between 3-8 metal fragments with an average of 5.5 metal fragments. Metal fragments can then be used to craft items for survival.

Metal Fragments Crafting
Metal fragments can be crafted into:

  • Low Quality Metal
  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • F1 Grenade
  • Metal Door
  • Metal Window Bars

Low Quality Metal
Low Quality Metal is crafted from 15 Metal Fragments. It is used for crafting and sensitive Parts.



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