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Goose Goose Duck tips and tricks-guide


Basic Roles

Normal Duck / Geese.
Duck: Work together with other Ducks to disguise yourselves as Geese and eliminate them.
Geese: Complete tasks to finish a round before the Ducks eliminate your fellow geese.

Special Goose Roles

Good Roles.

  • Bounty Gravy Goose: Every task completed the bounty goes up. If killed, the killer gets the bounty. If you survive you get the bounty.
  • Mechanic Goose: The only type of Goose that can use vents.
  • Vigilante Goose: A Goose with one free kill.
  • Technician Goose: The only type of goose that can detect sabotages.
  • Medium Goose: A Goose that can see the ghosts of eliminated Geese.
  • Canadian Goose: Anyone that kills a Canadian Goose automatically self-reports.
  • Sheriff Goose: A Goose that can kill anyone except Geese.
  • Lover Goose: Has a bond in life with another bird.
  • Mimic Goose: The Ducks will see you as a Duck.You cannot kill.
  • Detective Goose: Can see if someone has killed. One time use. Does not update if they kill after your use.

Special Duck Roles

Bad Roles.

  • Cannibal Duck: A Duck that can eat corpses.
  • Silencer Duck: A Duck that can mute Geese.
  • Morphling Duck: A Duck that can impersonate other players.
  • Lover Duck: Has a bond in life with another bird.
  • Spy Duck: A Duck that can see the role of whom they voted for in the meeting if they are the only vote.
  • Professional Duck: A Duck that cannot report bodies (including Canadian Goose). Geese cannot see the bodies of your kills and will auto-report them if close.
  • **NEW**Assassin Duck: A Duck that can kill a special goose if they can correctly guess their role in a meeting. (Twice per game)

Alternative Bird Roles

Solo Win Roles.

  • Vulture: Eat corpses of murdered geese to win.
  • Dodo Bird: Act suspicious or useless enough to make other players vote you out to win.
  • Pigeon: Infect everyone in one round to win.

How to eject yourself

before you start go to ss mother goose map (only tested this map)

Step 1

go to cargo bay (bottom right of map) maybe at round 2 or later when ducks have sabotages unlocked (this will be important later)

Step 2

wait for doors to be closed by the ducks
if you are in cargo bay the airlock will open and you will be sucked out of the ship!!! (yes there is a special death animation)


good job you died
this is the achievement you get

How to Kill Using the Airlock

Killing with the Airlock

The airlock is a special trap kill that can be performed by ducks under the right circumstances regardless of kill cooldown. This works on SS Mother Goose and Black Swan under the same principles. If you’re alive, this trap kill will only work if you can vent (so not Silencer or Morphling). If you’re dead, you can use it; you will just have to float to Bridge instead of venting (in fact only killing people with the airlock while dead is advisable). Bodies killed this way can be reported. A player hiding in the Cargo Bay vent will NOT die

Steps to open the airlock:

1) Activate the Door Control sabotage via the terminal in Security.

2) Stand in Cargo Bay and wait for geese to enter.

3) Sabotage the doors, or take advantage of someone doing the nearby doors task (if visual tasks are on).

4) Vent to Bridge if alive; float to Bridge if dead.

5) Pull the lever in Bridge. The interface will only show up if the airlock doors are closed. I suggest pulling the lever whenever you see the yellow outline, even if you haven’t done steps 1-4.

6) (Optional) Head back to Cargo Bay to see the bodies of your victim(s) floating in space.



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