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The ascent Guide To Play

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Snooze and Black ICE Achievements

Talk to this fellow he will ask if you want Snooze, just say yes and you get the achievement

He is located at this location outside Wanda’s in Stimtown

Black ICE is obtainable once you start geting hackers in the corpzone, They will summon a field around you similar to what you get when you hack objects, While in that field you can counter them by hacking, Voila you should get Black ICE when you do.

Side Mission: Lost and Found

You’re probably wondering why you cant complete the lost and found mission. This guide explains why that is.

What is the problem?

Lost and Found is a side-mission in The Ascent, where you need to find a bag and take it to a certain person, per Raphel’s request. Raphel is an NPC found in The Node, the game’s second hub area, so you may need to progress the story a little before you are able to tackle such mission. With that said, unfortunately, Lost and Found is another one of those missions that you won’t be able to easily complete, due to technical issues. Below we are explaining exactly as to why is that.

How to complete the Lost and Found

The task is simple. Find Raphel’s yellow bag in Tham’s Gate, a location which you need to visit to find the bag, and take it to Taoka. Taoka is found within the Dream World club, so in theory it is very easy to find her as long as you follow the waymarker. In general, the whole quest is on the simpler side of things, if The Ascent was kind enough to let us know the full info about the mission.

The reason why I mention this, is because a lot of you may reach the point that you need to find Taoka, but you can’t enter the Dream World club. Considering the game’s current state, it’s easy to assume that it is yet one more bug in the big list it already has. This is not the case though, and the reason why you can’t enter the club, is because you first need to complete another main quest, the Foreign Code.

Yes, it is nowhere mentioned that this is a pre-requisite, but trust me it is. Like many other missions in the game, it’s a kind of a hidden requirement, much like the Anabolic Express mission where you need to be level 10, without it being mentioned anywhere. The Ascent tends to do this often, and while it is unknown yet if it is just the way it’s meant to be, or it is something the devs missed noticing, it is what it is. For the time being, we need to go with the flow and try to find on our own lots of ‘hidden’ solutions. In any case, after you have completed the Foreign Code, which is a story mission, and then you brought the bag to Taoka in the Dream Word club, the Lost and Found side-mission is completed and you can claim your reward. A follow-up side quest is unlocked afterwards, so feel free to grab that as well.

You need to finish the main mission named “Foreign Code”, then you can complete the side mission named “Lost and Found”.


  1. Despite being a top-down shooter, The Ascent features a vertical aiming system in its 3D environments. If an enemy is below you, or behind a railing, your shots will either miss or be blocked by the obstacles.
  2. You can aim higher and above frontline enemies or cover by using LT. This also deals increased stagger damage. Firing without LT will shoot lower and hit any close-range targets that are on your level.
  3. Crouching behind cover is a vital part of this game. You won’t be hit by any stray bullets while behind cover unless enemies get behind you. To shoot over cover, use LT to aim above it.
  4. When you shoot an explosive barrel, it starts a countdown to its detonation, while also displaying the blast radius. These can be deadly against your enemies, but also yourself, so make sure you are clear. You can speed up their detonation by shooting them more.
  5. If you are in an area with idle vehicles nearby, you can either use these as cover or as potential explosives. Once you reduce a vehicle’s health enough, it will start a detonation timer, much like the explosive barrels.
  6. You can investigate bodies on the ground to sometimes find a stash of Ucreds or loot.
  7. You can crouch under low obstacles with B, but you can also dodge-roll underneath them much faster with A.
  8. Vending Machines on walls can often be shot (or hacked with an upgraded CyberDeck) to give all of its contents over without you needing to pay a single uCred.


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