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5 things you need to know about New World

number one
in the top five tips get yourself
a life staff this is why you have the
ability in the life staff
called speed of light and the way it
works is
you dash forward 20 meters when you use
it it’s kind of like blink
in world of warcraft for mages so it
starts off with 20 and you can upgrade
it to 30
and finally upgrade it to 40 and this is
what it looks like so you have the light
so i have my sword out i take my life
staff out
and i use the ability and that’s what it
looks like
clear huge amounts of distance and for
an mmo
time spent and time saved is uh is a big
deal so
tip number one get yourself a lifestyle
you won’t regret it
tip number two utilizing your campfire
when you finish your tutorial the quest
giver in that area is gonna have you use
the campfire that’s already there
to make some stuff like the skinning
knife and cook some food
right but what he doesn’t tell you is
that the campfire is also a point of
respawn for you so this is what we can
what we can do is we can set a campfire
set a campground just before entering
that landmark because
new world doesn’t allow you to put
campfires in a landmark so what do i
mean by landmark i mean like an area
right see how that’s a landmark
see how like buccaneer creek is a
landmark so we’ll go over here
and we will enter we’re just before the
landmark right here
right so we’ll find a place for us to
put our campfire
just before entering that area
we build the camp and you’ll see
soon as you build the camp boom there it
is respawn point activated so now
hamlet would be an option monarch’s
bluff would be an option and then third
and final option
would be my campfire so if you’re
running in here and you have a quest to
put a campfire down it’s gonna help you
out a lot
here’s an easy tip number three if
you’re running straight and something’s
chasing you
and you want to look behind you to see
what is happening
you’re still able to move while you’re
doing that and to do this
you’ll hold down the alt key on your
keyboard and then you’ll move your mouse
so you just auto run straight avoid some
hold down alt and then turn your mouse
and what will happen is your character
will continue to run in that one
direction while you
look behind you see that always have
eyes on the back of your head
all right tip number four you cannot
vendor gear
that you don’t use anymore in new world
for example this forsaken shield
with the gear score 224 i was wearing
this five minutes ago and then i found
this new one the one that i’m wearing
over here with the gear score of 231
well i only have
two options well three options for this
for sacred shield i could drop it on the
and give it like allow another player to
take it
i could put it on the auction house
and try to sell it or i could salvage it
for repair parts
so what i’ll do is i’ll hold down the
letter s it says right there s plus left
click so s
left click and it’s going to ask me do
you want to confirm i’m going to say yes
and that increases my repair parts now
these repair parts
is like pretty important because when
you die you lose durability on your gear
and it costs money to repair but it also
costs repair parts
so just because you can’t vendor an item
for gold it doesn’t mean you just get
rid of it
take into consideration the repair parts
that you’re going to need
and while you use gears not only if you
die but while you’re using your gear
it goes down and the way you can check
the durability is this
white bar underneath the icon of your
item so like my sword i use it a lot
right so it’s down a good chunk
see it’s it’s the durability is 10.79
out of 1500 so what i’ll do is hold down
the letter r
and left click and it’s going to say it
requires eight gold and two repair parts
to repair
e to confirm or click and boom now the
durability is full 1500 out of 1500
so you can quickly go through all your
gear just hold down r e r
click e r click e r click e r click e r
click e boom now i’m fully repaired
and lastly tip number five is don’t be
afraid to level up
different weapons uh i’m not going to
tell you not to focus on one weapon if
you want to do that
go ahead i mean the game is what you
make of it it’s your experience you do
what you want to do
but i think it’s really beneficial to
have a variety of weapons that you’re
at your disposal so the reason why i say
don’t be afraid and why i want to
include this as a tip is because you’re
going to find monsters
throughout your journey that are like
magic resistant or like heavily
defensive resistant like i know the
ancients have a ton of armor
and they have huge magic resist so if
you run into the ancients and you’re
using a lifestyle and a firestop you’re
like why am i doing less damage
they have a lot of magical resistance
take out a sword have it
at a decent level or a warhammer or a
bow or a musket
and get in there and finally if you want
to find out what stats
the damage scales with your weapon click
on your weapon and on the bottom left it
says damage scales with strength and
go to bow damage skills with dexterity
go to warhammer damage skills with
and go to life staff damage skills with
intelligence hatchet
strengthen dexterity and finally the
fire staff intelligence
all right so that’s it those are my five
top tips for new world for beginners
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lot of stuff about new world so
thanks for coming to say hi

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