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The metaverse will change our lives

Propnight is a 4vs1 multiplayer physics-based prop hunt mixed with classic horror survival.
In a small provincial town, teenagers continue to disappear mysteriously. But who or what is behind this?


Turn into any prop to hide from a killer.

Repair Propmachines to escape.


Take the role of a savage killer.

Hunt other players to win.

New Map Unlocked. Introducing the House.
* Impostor – Added Killer aura when Impostor disguises as one of the Survivors
* Matchmaking – Slightly increased the odds of being the Killer while searching for the Killer’s role
* Matchmaking – Fixed a bug due to which the same player became the Killer every time
* Voice chat – Microphone volume has been replaced with incoming voice chat volume
* Voice chat – Fixed issues with voice communication when you keep playing with the same people
* Gameplay – The number of pressing A and D while wiggling to escape was limited to 10 times per second
* Gameplay – The game now ends when the last free Survivor leaves the game while the other Survivor is in a chair
* Gameplay – Fixed cases where Granny’s knife did not become invisible when using the Astral skill
* Gameplay – Impostor will no longer disappear when the Survivor he has turned into dies
* Gameplay – Fixed a bug that appeared when Impostor simultaneously picks up a Survivor and turns into a prop
* UI F1 – F1 window is now over the inventory, and it has more info for the Survivors
* UI Hypnochair – Added a hint about using “X” voice commands when the Survivor is on a hypnochair
* UI Tab – Fixed incorrect display of lost Survivors
* UI MVP – Fixed cases when Killers could not fit into the screen
* UI Survivor Statuses – Fixed bugs with statuses of Survivors who escaped, lost, or left the game
* UI Legendary items – The notification has been translated into English
* Other – Fixed the possibility of the screen with victory poses appearing during the game
* Other – Fixed a bug with the fact that when exiting during loading, the game does not completely close
* Other minor improvements

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