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Myth of Empires guide for beginners

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hey everybody welcome to my usual me and
welcome back to myth of empires where
today i’m going to talk about the things
i wish i knew
when i started my game almost a week ago
these are the things i wish i’d known
when i first started so we’re going to
go ahead i started a brand new character
on a custom server um the gather rate
here is times seven so it’s higher the
experience is times two
i change it to times two because times
ten was way too fast you wouldn’t be
able to follow it so we’re gonna go
ahead first of all right off the bat
um so things are gonna go a little
faster than they would in your normal
um your normal usual server okay so be
aware you’re not gonna be able to
advance as fast as i am so be aware that
that is a thing
okay so right off the bat guys we says
um novice mode is recommended for novice
players novice players get a better
experience at the beginning and can
adapt to the game sooner that’s because
they give you quests to do and
which in turn gives you copper and
experience and it kind of holds your
hand along the way i highly recommend
you do this so we’re going to go ahead
and do the recommended choice i did do
that and that and so and that that did
me right also the the mode of operation
here they you want to know do you want
to be able to attack and block in eight
different directions or four now the the
answer should be obvious to most people
but maybe it’s not to some
i chose the eight directional attack i
think it works for much better some
people are saying that the game the the
fighting is janky they may have picked
the classic mode and didn’t like it you
can’t change it or once you uh says yo
you can chase it change it in the system
setting control oh i didn’t know that
there you go okay so choose that um and
then i for it says choose press i to
open inventory and it says you can
choose expertise according to the
flashing button i for inventory there’s
the flashing button always right up here
see the flashing button so what we do is
we go to talent and skill and
immediately we see this okay these are
your five these are your five um
attributes you have strength agility
physique wisdom and charisma so what
we’re doing guys is your strength deals
with one-handed and two-handed weapons
your shield your pole arms and your
heavy armor okay
as you use these things they they will
level up okay
like and the more you get hit with your
heavy armor the more it will level up
the more you make heavy armor it will
level up
same with your one-handed and two-handed
um so and then your pole arm and your
shield obviously your agility deals with
throwing rocks and axes and javelins
your bow your crossbow riding a horse
light armor
then your physique you have a physique
which is literally your physical
wellness and like how how in shape are
you okay uh this is the this is the the
the marker here where you
are actually able to gain your extra
carry weight at level um
75 you’re going to be able to
get 50 extra carry weight and then down
here at level um
600 you’re going to be able to increase
your carry weight by 100 that’s how you
get your extra carry weight so you know
a lot of people are saying i can’t carry
anything it’s so dumb well you if you if
exercise when you’re running around
jumping climbing things i mean climbing
around or whatever
you’re going to increase this physique
and it’s going to and this line right
here right there see that black arrow
and then this line that’s where that’s
your level and it will move forward and
when it goes crosses over a circle you
click on it to activate that perk
so we have
physique mining wood cutting
hunting planting
and so what you will do is as you gain
levels as you do quests as you get
experience you will gain expertise
points now automatically they start you
with two
and but let’s go ahead and finish your
other perks or your other your other
abilities here uh attributes you have
wisdom which deals with uh craft it says
uh it’s these okay this decreases
crafting item crafting time by five
percent uh decreases item crafting by
ten percent
uh decreases item crafting by fifteen
percent decreases item crafting by 20 so
you get the idea of the progression of
things we also have siege
armor and medicine along the wisdom okay
uh during charisma this is what this is
about this is all about your your uh
your soldiers when you when you uh when
you get a soldier to agree to come help
you or when you knock one out and you
put it on the torture rack and you make
him help you because you’ve tortured him
until he gives up
you have both different two different
types two different ways you can do that
so that’s what this is and i won’t deal
with any of that because war right now
is not a thing you need to worry about
right now you need to worry about
leveling up doing the quests
and um unless you’re going to go
straight to the pvp server in which case
if you have a guild that’s already there
or a um
if you already have a
not a guild that’s already there then
you probably shouldn’t you probably
don’t need these videos
i’m going to go to physique though
because i want that carry weight okay
i want that carry weight
so i’m so i want that extraordinary
strength at level 75. so i’ve got two
points so what we can do to raise to get
extra xp to get a bonus xp right off the
we go ahead with these little curly cues
and you see there’s a plus sign right
here we’re going to hit the plus sign
once oh do you want to increase your
skills expertise point i do
and see how it widened itself out we’ll
do it again i got a second one we’re
going to do that right there so for the
physique now
if you decide that you uh have done
enough in in one
area you can respec
it will at first not cost you anything
but if you go negative boop it’ll pop up
and says reset expert expertise point
you can reset an expertise point one
point at a time the number of times
you’ve used a copper point copper coins
to reset your expertise points this week
is zero and the copper required is zero
because i haven’t done it yet now at
first it’s free but the more you do it
the more you reset and move it into
different abilities
the more it’s going to cost you so if
you are um doing a bunch of different
things and you’re bouncing your your
your uh your your your experience bonus
you’re going to end up um it’s going to
end up costing you but that’s okay
because we’ve got we’ve got some things
we can do to help mitigate that so it’s
not that big a deal actually that’s a
very very small deal all right so what
we’re going to do here guys i’m going to
do put mine in physique because i want
that extra curry weight as soon as
possible and now i guess we’re going to
go ahead and we’re going to make
ourselves some tools i’m going to
collect a couple of a rock
okay and a branch picking this up off
the ground i i do have
this um
i have the the gather rate up but it
looks like stuff off the ground doesn’t
count as being um
as being uh the time seven that i’ve got
or does it let me look
no no it doesn’t okay that’s fine we’re
just gonna get some branches right quick
and then what we’re gonna do is we’re
also gonna pick some bushes let me pick
some bushes
oh yeah it totally okay oh stop whoa
slow down slow down slow down i just
picked like three bushes and got to
level four the expertise i mean the
leveling is only supposed to be times
so this is really fast so bear with me
we’re gonna get levels like crazy so i
got to level four right now when you
raise up a level you’re going to want to
go to the crafting recipes okay and we
already got the tool introduction which
allows us to get the torch the stone axe
the stone hammer and the straw rope okay
though over here at level
two i can build i can learn a campfire
this automatically will happen you just
have to go in and click it and the red
dots tell you that you have a an
um an unclaimed uh recipe so we’re going
to go over here looks like i have the
bed roll and the wooden chest we’re
going to click that
and looks like i have the pole arm and i
can do a
couch lance no no it’s not a casual what
is i can’t see what it is but
we’ll go ahead and we’ll learn it we’ll
learn we’ll see what it is that’s the
bow and the arrow it’s a crossbow
the shield and the throwing rock so
we’re gonna learn how to make a throwing
rock and then we also have um of course
wanted protective armor wooden armor
is good um until you get into the higher
armors like the lamellar armor i would
highly suggest you be very careful
around the foxes and the bores okay i
wish i had known that because they will
kill you quick now if you are in the
novice mode though you can respawn right
where you right where you die so it’s
not a big deal
so let’s go ahead and let’s make a let’s
make a couple of straw rope right quick
um i can craft seven you know what we’ll
craft i’ll craft eight while we walk to
our destination i’m gonna look on the
map now i went ahead
and i put myself here at the um
in the forest i like the forest um now
there’s i see a lot of people that are
going in this area right here um i don’t
know what this is here and eventually
okay it goes from east all the spawn
areas are started on the east and then
you work your way west where the more
advanced materials are only the most
basic materials are going to be here but
this is where we have our compound on
the official server so we do have an
official uh
compound which is going to be like right
uh so we’re going to go ahead and i’m
going to i’m going to hoof it over there
actually we’re going to hook it over
there so i can get started i’m just
going to take the road i think i don’t
think i have to worry about it if you
okay another thing i wish i had known is
if you see
a couple of soldiers sitting or people
sitting by or at a campfire they’re
probably going to be friendly
the villages are definitely not friendly
at all
villagers are not friendly but campfire
people are probably going to be friendly
they’re going to
you can recruit them and if you go up to
them and speak with them
they’re going to ask you for something
and if you have it and you give it to
them then all of a sudden and this will
be one of your quests all of a sudden
you’re going to be able to uh they’re
going to follow you then you’re then
then they are your uh then your um
your thrall
i’m gonna go this way i think we have
one right here the question mark
are different things like um like we’ve
foxes and rabbits and or campfires or um
actual um
villages i don’t think this is the
village is this the village this might
be the village actually down here i’m
going to sprint it because i can is the
rope done
rope is finished let’s go ahead and
we’re going to make ourselves a stone
and then i’m also go i’m going to need
one more branch to make a stone hammer
let me pick another branches are
everywhere along the ground or they were
and so were the stones we’ll find
another branch we’ll make ourselves a
stone hammer the hammer is basically the
pick of the game the pickaxe okay so you
don’t have to worry about um oh by the
way you don’t have to worry about except
for wolves you don’t have to worry about
um down here you don’t have to worry
about any other animal attacking you
um unless you attack it first like right
there we got rabbits those are rabbits
let’s see here we’re gonna go with uh
the hammer as well
go ahead and craft that
and okay so i’m gonna put this here
and the other one will be ready in a
second and okay another thing i wish i
knew let me go ahead i’m going to chop a
and we’re going to talk about this
is i
if if you okay this is good okay is as
i’m holding this
i only hit it once but if you hit the b
button b is in b right b isn’t bear
you hit b
then you can hit the tree as many times
as you want okay until it falls down or
your axe
or your axe breaks now speaking of your
ax breaking let me grab a couple more
a couple more stones
uh it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra
stuff in your inventory to fix your your
tools because if your ax is completely
broken it will disappear
but can you fix your axe yes you can you
pull this is another thing i wish i knew
about the game is when you
if you want to fix your your tool right
put it you have to put it in the spot
where it was made okay so if you make if
you were if you make something in your
inventory you have to put it back up
into your inventory from your bar before
you can before you can
repair it okay but you can repair it
right click go to repair
and it will unfortunately cost exactly
the same amount that it costs to make it
so you want to wait until either make a
bunch of them
and go out if you know you’re going to
burn through a bunch of your your tools
if you know you’re going to burn through
your tool ahead of time make a spare
otherwise you have to carry the
materials it takes to make it and those
can sometimes be pretty heavy
so you might be lighter you might be
better off in your carry weight to just
make a second weapon
as of right now we don’t have to worry
about it too much i’ve got things turned
up pretty high so i’m not going to worry
about it too awful much i’m just going
through remember the things i wish i
knew when i first started the game
okay so let’s go ahead we’re going to
i’m heading toward the toward the
coastline here because i want to get to
where we are
on the other server
these are foxes that are here foxes will
not attack you unless you attack them
there are wolves occasionally that do
spawn in this area we just had one of
our our guild mates and get attacked or
is that are these wolves
those are wolves right there
i think are those pigs
i can’t tell
do i get
okay that’s a pig i think that was a
wolf is that a wolf
no it’s a pig i think the wolves will
attack me and kill me but that’s fine
we’re down here at the water let’s go
ahead and see
if i can remember which way i want to go
i think it’s this way
we’re gonna get up on a ridge and then
i’m gonna go ahead and when i get to my
camp guys
i’ll go ahead and i’ll uh we’ll start
again oh it’s right over here never mind
yeah our place is right over here all
right another thing that i wish i knew
when i first started this uh this game
is the um is if you look in the top left
hand side of the screen
right up in here the top one is your
health the middle one is your stamina
and the bottom one is your food and your
health and your stamina will get filled
up at the expense of your food bar so if
you’re sprinting and you’re using up
your stamina
when it as it fills up your food bar is
getting less okay so if you’re wondering
why you’re running through so much food
it’s because you’ve been sprinting
and not walking
and or you’re getting hurt and you’re
getting healed okay
so that’s why you’re going through so
much food if you’re wondering why you’re
going through so much food
all right so let’s go ahead what do we
what do we have over here what are these
pigs okay pigs are good i’m okay with
but i don’t care about this right now we
just want to get to where we’re going to
go we’re going to get to our location
which is right up that hill right there
that’s where we’re going to that’s where
we’re going to make camp
because that’s also where i we have our
place on the other server so
may as well make it all look like home
another thing that i wish i knew when i
first started this game if you hit the
equal button
it’s auto run
auto run is the equal button okay guys
this is where i live um on the other
server where we live on the other server
it’s right up here it’s a nice lot
really big flat area uh with a bunch of
wildlife and whatnot the wolves that i
was talking about they’re back that
direction so i’m not too worried about
them at the moment but we’re going to go
ahead and we’re going to put down uh
some items here
and we’re going to go ahead and we’re
going to see what all we can we need to
do here i’m right now i’m going to go
ahead and we have a few recipes see i’m
level 7 now i’m level seven almost level
eight we have the campfire i’m gonna go
ahead and uh i can’t make one because i
uh two more rope and i need some rubble
so we’re gonna go ahead i’m gonna use
all make all the rope i can at the
moment and then i’m going to gather some
rubble by hand actually i’m not going to
gather rubble by hand we can go ahead
and we can use the
um the hammer to make to get our rubble
all right another thing that i wish that
i knew before i started this game before
was that with a guild you want to get
your guilds working as fast as possible
so we want to go ahead and we want to
create a guild go to the guild tab which
is right here go to create guild i
should have done that right away too and
we’re going to call this uh the usuals
because that’s the name of my
uh that’s my guild on the other server
so confirm the usuals are there guild
created and now as i do things i will
get guild points i will get guild
activity points specifically for
everything that i do so there’s so use
no reason if you’re not in a guild you
should make a guild so you get activity
points because the guild
skills and the guild tech
the guild tech have the same type of
advancement recipes only it’s for the
guild okay so like you’re going to find
that you’re going to be able to create a
guild shop you’re going to create the
guild workshop you’re going to create
the guild depot which allows you to
transfer between or uh between wait is
it the depot no you can actually yeah
the depot allows you to put in uh coins
and materials and horses and and
warriors so that you can share it among
the guild um you got the the stronghold
which is going to be
be the minefield the granary the quarry
the lumber yard then you’ve got the
things of war you also have better uh
better planters which are like double
the size of your crude planters that
you’re going to be able to make
so there’s a lot in here with the guild
stuff that you need so you need but you
need it you need points
you need guild activity points to be
able to make these things so you want to
start getting your guild activity points
working as fast as possible so
it’s definitely a thing you want to do
if you’re not in a guild make a guild
because that otherwise you’re going to
be missing out in the end that’s another
thing that i really missed out on for
the first two days that i had this uh my
other characters so let’s look and see
what levels we’re at and see what kind
of recipes we can do and we’ll go from
there okay that’s the stone sickle
okay this is the uh this is the
the first
fishing but that’s the harpoon harpoon
as far as i’m concerned is useless uh
the weave you can need the spinning
wheel we need that
let’s see we also can do tailor bench we
definitely in the weapon bench we need
um we’re gonna go ahead and go i think
that’s all i got right now at level 12.
let’s go ahead and this is all of our
housing materials so we’re going to go
ahead and do all this
i’m going to open all this up
this will happen to you within the first
hour that you’re here i’m just doing it
within the first 30 minutes
it’s a bone sword
pole arm that’s a bow
and then we have the better
wooden armor and the bronze armor so
this king sight soup what it says is
it’s a soup with a faint medicine scent
drink it and to enhance your eyesight
for a period of time which can help you
find basic mind trees and animals if you
go to the talent skill and you go to
physique and go to mining and you look
at right here at recognized copper mine
it says
at level 150
allows you to find copper or within 100
meters more easily use this ability you
also need to use king sight soup to
enhance your eyesight at level 150 so
you have to get your mining up to 150
and unlock this perk to be able to use
the king soup so you have to understand
if you’re not able to use a thing
in the game look for the other thing
that is
something i wish i knew i wasted so much
time on that keensight soup did not know
but if you can’t do one thing it’s
probably tied to something else so i
would look through i would look through
some whatever you think it might be
tied to you definitely want to look and
see where that skill is in the tree that
way you can go ahead and know when to
expect it at this point you’re going to
want to go ahead and you’re at level six
you’re going to want to go ahead and
you’re going to want to make a territory
because you don’t want your things to
if you look at either item here it says
natural decay rate four percent per hour
territory banner can prevent it from
decay okay i wish i had known this
earlier although it didn’t really matter
at the time because this stuff doesn’t
really matter at this point in the game
the territory banner does matter and
i’ll show you why in just a minute so
we’re going to go ahead and i i look
at level six you’re gonna find the
territory banner under the building and
for furniture under this right here it’s
gonna be right there under basic
defensive building we learned that at
level six so we’re going to go ahead and
i want to go ahead and make a bow and we
want to make some arrows because we’re
going to need
uh the arrows uh we’re going to kill
some things because for the territory
flag you need one piece of hide that’s
all you need is one piece of hide um
that’s i’m sorry that’s the one thing
that’s most difficult straw rope is easy
branches are easy the course hide you’re
gonna need
for the territory banner and you want
the territory banner you need that
territory banner
to keep things from disintegrating okay
another thing that i wish i knew that
just actually
happens a lot in video games that would
have bows and arrows is that you have to
take your stone arrows and put them over
your bow to put them into your arrow so
if you want to switch out different
types of arrows that’s how you do it you
want to add your arrows to your bow
before you get before you start hunting
because that’s definitely something that
you’re going to want to do also where
you get close to an animal you will
you it will pop up the level so you’re
going to be able to see it from not too
far away but you do have to get kind of
and we’re going after a rabbit right now
i also made a skinning knife which i’m
going to use
which you get at level 15. you can get
the stone hunting knife happens if you
don’t have a stone hunting knife and you
need a you need something you can use
you can use your hatchet your hatchet
will will hat will uh skin an animal but
the hunting knife is better but you’re
uh but but you’re but your axe is uh
is okay so now we have we have a deer
over here deer are they they are kind of
for the for the bow i’ve got i’m not
gonna actually hunt them we’re gonna
actually hunt
rabbits i would not suggest fox because
they will swarm you
and so will the boar any any of these
animals will swarm you except for the
rabbits and the deer
all right we see the the all the ones
right here and another thing i wish i
knew is the v button will allow you to
go from first person to third person v
is in victory
so we’re gonna go ahead and do that i’m
gonna pull out my bow
then they will
alert that once the alert uh one of them
alerts the other ones they’re all gonna
run away
one one arrow should do the trick though
got him
you have 10 minutes before the animal
will disappear
okay now once you have your hide guys we
can go ahead and we can make our flag
i’m gonna need two more straw rope let’s
go ahead and make two more straw rope
and i’m gonna go ahead and i’m just
gonna place it right there okay so it
doesn’t really matter because every two
days you’re gonna have to replace this
thing but hopefully in two days you’ll
have the next thing which will protect
you even more what’s going to happen
here guys is now um we have a little bit
of degradation on the on the campfire
and on the on the bed roll we have we
one bark one branch one grass will fix
it uh once rope one branch and one
rubble will fix that however so what you
have here now is you have a territory
that will be protected from degradation
let’s go ahead and show where it’s going
to show right here you hold down the e
click on it you hold down the email
button and click on it you have a purple
outline here this is how much
space you have around the flag that will
keep things from being uh from degrading
that’s all it does it doesn’t keep we’re
on a p if you’re on a pve server then
you don’t have to worry about anybody
getting into your stuff they can get
into your campfires
but they can’t get into your um your
stations they can’t get into your
personal belongings they can get into
your campfire though a campfire is open
open season that’s it
all this does
is protect it from being
from falling apart it doesn’t protect it
from them destroying it and it doesn’t
protect it uh you know from you know
from them camping on it so um if you
a house and somebody comes in the doors
open they walk right in and they decide
they want to log out inside of your
house then they’re inside your house
until they decide they want to walk out
again there’s not a thing you can do
about it on a pve server
the next item that you want to get
to really protect your things the thing
that you want that you think if this
flag is that it is not is under the
and i talked about this earlier guild
tech is super important get into your
guild as soon as possible because you’re
going to want to have the boundary
marker this is what you’re going to want
okay you need to have a level two
you need to be a level two in your and
you have to be low level sixteen it late
at least your person
and you have to have a uh a guild
so you can make your boundary marker
be aware you’re going to have to make
this workshop
and make the boundary marker the
boundary marker is what protects all of
your things from not only degradation
but also attack
and they and you have to pay this this
this monument it’s just like life is
fueled the mmo where it’s um it’s a
monument that you’re going to have to
you’re going to have to feed every week
to be able to keep the uh you know the
protection going on you can only protect
yourself during certain times but you
can protect yourself during certain
times like when you’re offline okay
so we’ll get more into the boundary
marker in a future episode okay so the
last and final thing that everybody
wants to know is how do you make money
in this game right okay well one way of
making money is the quest that you’ve
been doing i got a couple quests already
done today in this video with
craftystraw rope i claimed it we’re
going to get two copper coins and 50 xp
that’s great
um let’s see what else do we got um
let’s see we got collect stone and wood
uh collect six rubble and six branch
these are the the beginning quests
they’re gonna get you xp and copper
gonna get you up get those levels up so
you know just so you know okay so you’ve
got main quests you’ve got side quests
which uh let’s see what do i mark on the
map that’s remarkable
click m to open the map and click the
right mouse button add a marker i just
did that so we have 100 xp for that and
100 copper coins
that’s amazing and then map exploration
anyway you get the idea you have your
side quests your main quests oh i got
that one too let’s claim that that was
three copper coins so i have a whole 111
copper coin so far that’s how you make
your money right here at least that’s
what i thought and i wish i hadn’t known
this other thing all right the last
thing i’m going to leave you with guys
is the is the the territory banner so if
you go and you click on it it says here
the imperial court will regularly pay
copper coins to purchase resources in
your boundary marker
check the items you want to sell now you
can do this with your territory banner
with the territory marker that i just
talked about right the second one the
one is in your guild your guild settings
the the guild
tech that’s you you can do it on both of
these and if you look here it says
personal amount and guild remaining
guild number okay this is these two
things are the same thing the balance
and the balance those are the same thing
the personal is how much you have
available and the guild is how much the
guild has available you’re like what are
you talking about that makes no sense i
know okay now look the personal left
amount is how many items that the
imperial court will buy from you
the balance is how much money they will
pay for these 504 items okay what do you
mean okay look i go ahead and you go
wildflowers now so you see these ghost
images ignore that that’s garbage that
needs to go away
all right wildflower i’m going to use it
for an example okay actually we’ll do it
we’ll do wildflower we’ll do
uh fur
we’ll do rubble
maybe some seed
how about flax whatever so each of these
items is each of these base materials is
worth something to the imperial court
they’re all varied in in amount so
these wildflowers you click on it
they’re worth 3.70
and you have 14 of them right so
multiply 14 times 3.70 that’s how much
money 51
copper is what they will buy that for
okay but don’t sell the first thing that
you get relax calm down
we’re going to go ahead and check on
this one this one is six actually we can
click on all of these and it will show
it will show what they’re all worth
okay so they don’t want seeds
all right and they do not want processed
so once you pull something out it screws
with it so let’s do this
so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna
look at like i’m going to try stone
arrows will they take stone arrows no
they don’t want stone arrows okay
this is 79
but forget about that uh
because that’s not right let me get out
of it and go back in
okay so now you can use the your you can
use this banner by the way as a place to
hold things but i don’t know if people
can get into it on the pve server i
haven’t tested that yet don’t trust it
you can use it as a temporary holding
like if you don’t have any storage you
could use that you can also obviously
use your uh
you can use your campfire as storage as
well that’s a big old you can’t but
people can get into your campfire so be
aware be aware
you know build it inside your house and
close the door
anyway but
so here we’ve got these are the
different items and what they’re going
to pay for it might be different on your
server depending on how much sales have
gone on so you look at everything here
and see what is the most expensive item
it’s going to be the fur
hands down at
and sixty cents a piece and i’ve got 22
of them now
the personal left amount is the number
of items they will buy
doesn’t matter what they’re worth
the it’s only gonna buy what
this amount of items from you until it
resets i don’t know how often it resets
i think it might be a week
i expect it’s probably a week we just
discovered this the other day so we’re
working on it i’m gonna figure it out
for you maybe you can tell me in the
comments section somebody who sees this
six months from now will go this is dumb
we already know this but this is a brand
new game so we don’t know this right
okay so anyway i’m gonna sell the fur if
we sell everything right now we would
get 1621
copper you know what i don’t think i
need any of this stuff i think i’m okay
with it with uh with selling all of it
so we’re gonna sell all of it and when i
all right that’s 378 grass
that’s going to eat up 378 of my
personal left amount do i want that no i
do not want that so if i unclick that
well no hang on
it’s going to have that same number you
got to back out and then go back in i
don’t want that grass that’s not worth
see it says 793
we don’t want that i want to sell my fur
be very careful what you sell 145 there
we go she’s got 145 copper you get the
idea i’m not gonna i’m like i’m beating
a dead horse now alrighty guys well
there’s a couple of other things i just
realized that i i forgot to tell you
about is number one is where do you find
hardwood what about clay and how do i
get stone okay so then you’re like wait
what yeah so hardwood guys is gonna come
from this tree right here this is a
scaly what i call a scaly palm so
sorry you use that use a a regular axe
and you’re going to get hardwood from
the scaly palm the other trees the other
bushes the things like that are going to
give you
uh it says barking branches there we go
there’s the hardwood and the resin resin
and hardwood are from this scaly palm
right here the other things like this
little baby one all you’re going to get
is branches
and and bark occasionally you get
hardwood from some things but that’s not
very it’s not very common not at all all
right guys and then this right here
is what the clay looks like we’re going
to go ahead and just hit it it comes in
clumps of like you know i don’t know
half a dozen rocks
you’ll get sand and clay from these guys
and mostly it’s just clay there’s one
there there’s one here uh there’s a
couple there they’re all up and down the
waterways here so just so you know
that’s where i’m finding all my clay and
also as far as stone goes um if you’re
hitting a rock and you’re only getting
rubble and sand look for a different
colored rock okay
the if you if you’re only getting sand
and you’re only getting rubble then stay
away from those rocks use the other
usually i when i found the darker the
the uh the more the rock but it’s not
always the case sometimes you get a
light rock that give you just stone uh
but most of the time the lighter the
rock the more the rubble and sand you’re
gonna get from it and the darker the
rock the more rock you’re gonna get
that’s my experience anyway but hey that
you know what this game is is a really
weird one so it’s not a guarantee on
those rocks but i’m but usually usually
i’m right with that so okay guys i think
that’s to do it i think that’s going to
do it all you got all your hardwood you
got your clay told you how to make money
uh i showed you where how to get stone
all the starting stuff with the perks
and whatnot i think that is everything
that i wish i would have known those are
all the stumbling blocks that i came
when i first started playing this game


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