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Guide For Bloons TD Battles 2

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Tack Shooter

Just use the Tack Shooter No. The Tack Shooter is a good 2-2-2 tower to begin with, but this is the most stupidest idea you could have. It might be the meta right now, however after the Red Bloon Camp, it’s useless to use because it’s just so bad.EconomyBefore we talk about the monkeys, i would like to talk about the economy and sending bloons to the enemies. Obviously you want to start with a tower and instantly start sending red bloons. Dont stop sending red bloons until green bloons come out. The blue bloons are worthless. If you want to rush the enemy, then stop sending bloons 2 rounds before you earn the zebra bloons, and then just full send.Which Hero?The hero doesn’t really matter much. You can use Quincy if you want, or not.Early GameSince the game is new, i’m only going to be doing this early game guide. Once i have more experience and information about Bloons TD Battles 2, i will update this guide. Early game is more of levelling up most of the monkeys. What’s Suggested Monkey ace is a good 0-2-0 – The reason for this is because the figure eight formation is quite good as it covers the whole map [nearly]. This will help with the grouped bloons. You can choose to make it 2-2-0 or 0-2-2, i’m not sure if it matters too much. Swap the Monkey Ace for a Monkey Buccaneer if the map has any water, as having it as a 2-2-0 is insanely good. I would suggest going for a 3-2-0. Wizard Monkey is the best 0-2-0 early game. You need this for the fire wall. Make sure to put the wizard as close to the area you want the fire wall to be. Camo detection is very good so i suggest doing 0-2-2 instead of 2-2-0. Optional Alchemist [What i use] is a very good buff tower. 2-0-2 is the best way to use this monkey. As this gets more XP, going for a 3-0-2 is just the best tower in my opinion. Anything other than 2-0-2 is’nt worth using this monkey Bomb Shooter. This is for even more popping power in groups. 2-2-0 is the best option. 0-2-2 isn’t that bad, but i do suggest only having one or two 0-2-2. 2-0-2 is awful, don’t use it. Sniper Monkey is alright. If you want more camo detection, then you could go 2-2-0, but if you chose the sniper monkey, then 2-0-2 is better if you have the wizard monkey camo detection. Banana Farm is obviously the most common supporter tower. 2-2-0 is good during early game, and obviously it let’s you get 4-2-0, however if you want the bank, 2-4-0 is also good. Just whatever you do, dont go 2-0-2 or 0-2-2 unless you are using Monkey Buccaneer with a 2-0-3 or a 0-2-3. My build If you’re interested in the early game build that i used/use is the Alchemist, Spike Factory and the Boomerang Monkey [Monkey buccaneer if the map is water] Alchemist is already above in the Optional area. Spike Factory isn’t that good early game, however Mid game is it very good. In Early game, i was/is using 2-2-0, however as i reached semi-mid game, going 0-2-3 is amazing. Surviving Early Rounds! (11/12) Step 1: Place Tack Shooter, upgrade to 2 0 3 ASAP. (Spam Bloons right from the start of the match, Blues > Yellow > White) Step 2: Place whatever Hero you’re using, I use Gwendolin. Step 3: Place down your Dart Gunner. (Placement varies from map to map) Upgrade your Dart Gunner to 2 2 0. Step 4: Get your income to 500 then stop sending bloons and wait for the 5.2k needed for your 2 3 0 Dart Gunner. Step 5: Upgrade the Dart Gunner. Congratulations, you can now survive early game without a problem. Your third monkey tower can be whatever you’d like it to be, I’ve been using the Glue Gunner, but I think something more offensive may be needed as the Dart Gunner cannot handle Moab Class Bloons very well.


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