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Halo Infinite Player Creates Jetpack in Forge Mode


A creative Halo Infinite player takes advantage of early access to the Forge mode to create a functional jetpack in the game.

Though Halo Inifinite did not release with a Forge Mode, some players and content creators are taking advantage of getting early access to the mode, which is set to release in November, and creating inventive things like a jetpack that is fully functional and even has a boost meter. Halo Infinite fans are sure to be excited by Forge Mode’s capabilities and hope to be able to get their hands on it soon so that they can start creating content.

Forge Mode is a staple in the Halo series, having first been introduced in Halo 3. Since then, Halo players love using the Forge to create a myriad of different things from new weapons and accessories, imitations of other game worlds, and even new game modes. The creative prospects of the Forge are huge, and there are sure to be some impressive creations once the full version of the mode goes live.


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YouTuber Oscarb64 successfully created a basic jetpack script with a working boost meter that works like a countdown to show the number of equipment charges remaining. They have even created a custom equipment icon by using the Forge’s advanced scripting capabilities, which allow Halo Infinite players to create things like a gravity gun. These advanced scripting options will allow players to do a plethora of things that they weren’t able to do in previous iterations of Forge Mode.

343 Industries released a video about Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode earlier this month talking about the differerent capabilities and additions to the feature. The video talks about how players will be able to scale objects up to the size of a mountain, but it would still count as a single object, which will allow players to create entire maps in the Forge.

Fans have lofty expectations for Halo Infinite‘s Forge Mode, and from the videos that have been releasing recently of players with early access creating impressive things in the Forge, fans can rest assured. It seems that the legacy of Halo‘s Forge Mode will be carried to new heights in Halo Infinite.

Players can look forward to getting their hands on Halo Infinite‘s Forge Mode this November. There are sure to be an increasing number of creations that leak online from the players that are getting early access to the mode, so there will be plenty of inspiration for players as they gear up to make some creations of their own.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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