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Genshin Impact Trailer Showcases Nilou Gameplay


Genshin Impact’s newest trailer reveals the gameplay for upcoming character Nilou, showing off graceful dance moves packed with a Hydro punch.

The newest trailer for Genshin Impact shows off the gameplay for upcoming five-star Hydro character Nilou, set to release later this week. As HoYoVerse’s massively popular RPG prepares to move into the second half of Version 3.1, the game has already seen plenty of new content added. The launch of the newest update brought with it the desert half of the game’s Sumeru region, alongside a pair of new characters in Cyno and Candace. Now, with Version 3.1’s second banner rolling out on Friday, HoYoVerse has revealed more about the second half’s featured five-star.


Genshin Impact‘s newest Character Demo, titled “Nilou: Dance of the Delicate Lotus,” introduces players to Nilou, showing some of her dance moves to a child in Sumeru City. The trailer shows off Nilou’s graceful movements taking inspiration from her status as a dancer, with elegant steps and twirls during her attacks. Nilou’s Elemental Skill features a variety of dance moves as Nilou slashes with her sword, dealing Hydro damage to enemies. The second half of the trailer shows off Nilou’s Elemental Burst, dealing heavy AoE Hydro damage on cast and more damage over time.

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Nilou’s upcoming addition to Genshin Impact comes after the character played a major role in the story of Genshin Impact‘s Version 3.0. Nilou featured heavily in the first act of the Sumeru story as the main dancer in Sumeru City’s Sabzerus Festival, honoring the region’s Dendro Archon, Kusanali. Leaks from Genshin Impact have also revealed that Nilou’s gameplay will have strong synergy with Nahida, with the Dendro Archon helping to set up Bloom cores which are empowered by Nilou’s passive.

The lead-up to Nilou’s banner has seen HoYoVerse reveal more details about Nilou’s release with both her accompanying characters and weapon banners revealed. Nilou’s character banner will feature a collection of Genshin Impact mainstays with staple characters like Barbara and Xiangling included. Nilou’s weapon banner will highlight her signature weapon, the Key of Khaj-Nisut, alongside the powerful Primordial Jade Cutter. Both weapons are set to be strong options for players looking to pick up Nilou.

The release of Nilou comes as future characters are set to make her even stronger with later patches. The previously mentioned Nahida, set to release in Version 3.2, looks to be a powerful addition to Dendro-based team compositions, dealing bonus damage to enemies hit with Dendro reactions. Other rumored Dendro characters like Baizhu and Yaoyao will also increase the team-building capabilities for the Bloom-focused Nilou. Nilou’s release during Version 3.1’s second half will look to give players another powerful option for their Genshin Impact teams.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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