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Genshin Impact Players Want More Off-field Pyro Characters


Genshin Impact players are not happy with the current state of the Pyro character roster and they want more off-field applicators.

With the recent release of new characters and elemental reactions, Genshin Impact players want more options when choosing their off-field Pyro character. Upon the release of the game, Pyro was considered by far the strongest element in the game.

However, with the new meta shift in Genshin Impact, players have to rely on just a handful of Pyro characters to maximize their damage numbers. The game allows players to have four different characters in their team composition with only one active unit at a time.


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Reddit user kingdrewbie has posted an interesting thread on the official Genshin Impact subreddit claiming that the game needs to introduce more Pyro users with a strong off-field presence. Genshin Impact‘s main DPS characters are probably the most important units within a team composition since they spend the most time on the field which means that the three remaining characters need to provide buffs and utility while being off the field. While most elements in the game have many off-field representatives, the only Pyro character who does a decent job at applying the element while not being deployed is Xiangling.

Even though she wasn’t considered as strong at the time of her release, most active players managed to acquire all of her constellation levels which turns her into one of the strongest Pyro characters overall despite having a lower four-star rarity. Xiangling is the second most picked four-star character in the current Spiral Abyss thanks to her elemental burst which deploys a Pyronado on the field that orbits around the active character and deals Pyro damage to all enemies on its path.

A couple of replies in the comment section speculate that the main reason why HoYoverse won’t introduce a new off-field Pyro support anytime soon is probably the fact that the two most popular four-star characters, Bennett and Xiangling, are both Pyro users. However, while Bennett is one of the most flexible characters in the Genshin Impact who has the ability to provide constant healing and a strong damage buff, his overall Pyro application is actually not that great.

Some fans think that if HoYoverse would rework some earlier Pyro characters like Klee, they could easily make a return to the meta. The top comment on the thread was made by Redditor Axlzz who proposed an interesting idea of allowing Klee’s elemental burst to exist even when she leaves the field. This change would turn this low-tier DPS character into one of the best sub-DPS or support units in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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