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Pokemon Fan Shows Off Impressive Halloween Yard Decorations


A Pokemon fan gets in the spirit of the Halloween season by putting together a grand ensemble for their neighborhood to enjoy.

One Pokemon fan has gone the extra mile this Halloween season and decked out their lawn with a few of the most popular characters to celebrate. With such a widely popular franchise as Pokemon, the display is surely just one of many that trick-or-treaters will get to enjoy this month.

From costumes to decorations to lawn ornaments, Halloween is the perfect time for fans of the series to express their love, and every year, Pokemon of all sorts can be spotted in many towns. The fan art community likes to get in on the fun too, with spooky takes on their favorite characters. One artist took a Pokemon that most might assume could not get any more adorable and put Togepi in a Halloween costume, nibbling on some candy.


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This year, one fan is treating their neighborhood to a display featuring a variety of different Pokemon, accompanied by pumpkins and a jack-o-lantern to add some Halloween flavor. Reddit user jjwolf1983_123 shared a post of their festive set-up with a title reading “Professor Redwood and his Pokemon lab is ready for trainers this Halloween!” The image shows several impressive Pokemon Halloween decorations adorning the lawn, depicting popular characters including Pikachu, Lucario, Gardevoir and more, as well as the lab in the back.

The lab, which is a children’s playhouse dressed up in something of a costume itself, is bedecked with three different types of Poke Ball out front and a large Poke Ball emblem at its center. A Staraptor rests atop the building, hovering over rest of the assembled Pokemon. Magikarp wades in a kiddy pool nearby while Pikachu and Leafeon rest among the grass. A Sudowoodo is seen hanging out next to the Pokemon lab, as large Gardevoir and Lucario figures stand guard at the edges of the ensemble.

Not only is the community in the spooky spirit, but some Pokemon properties are getting in on the fun too. The annual Pokemon Go Halloween event will be beginning soon, brining Ghost-type Mega Pokemon and increased spawns of all sorts of Ghost-types. Holiday events like these tend to be good for the health of a game, as the player base is eager to get in on the festivities and earn seasonal rewards before they’re gone for good.

It isn’t just video games bringing something new to fans; the Pokemon Trading Card Game has already begun selling Halloween packs. With this, Pokemon fans are awash in options this season no matter where there particular interests lie.

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