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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Hunters Need to Be Careful With Auto Battles

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New information on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet suggests shiny hunters will need to be careful when using the auto battles feature.

The upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have an option to send Pokemon out for auto battles, but players using this feature need to be careful as it can lead to them losing their chance to catch a shiny Pokemon. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date is less than a month away at this point, and various publications have gone hands-on with the new games, making some interesting discoveries about them in the process.

A new feature coming in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are auto battles where Pokemon trainers can send their Pokemon out to fight wild Pokemon and look for items. This way, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have another option when it comes to leveling up their Pokemon beyond traditional battles or relying on EXP Share. However, there is a big downside to auto battles that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players should be aware of, especially if they are shiny hunters.


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As pointed out in a preview video by Good Vibes Gaming, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon that are sent out for auto battles will not be able to tell the difference between a regular Pokemon and a shiny Pokemon. This means that if a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player sends a Pokemon out and don’t pay close attention to it, they run the risk of that Pokemon defeating a shiny. Needless to say, serious shiny hunters are going to want to keep their Pokemon in their Poke Balls while out exploring the open world Paldea region.

Something that should make this a little easier to avoid is that Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s open world can all be seen before they’re encountered. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet do not feature tall grass or random battles, and so Pokemon trainers are able to clearly see every Pokemon before they pick a fight. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will be able to tell if a Pokemon is shiny before they even get into battle with it, so hopefully this will help anyone who does take advantage of the auto battle feature.

The video does mention that there are some Pokemon that won’t be auto battled, like Terastallized Pokemon. These Pokemon are imbued with a special crystal energy that enhances the attacks of a specific type, even changing that Pokemon’s typing if they are Terastallized with a type other than their normal one. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will have to handle these battles themselves, and before they can catch these particular Pokemon, they will have to do enough damage to change them back to their default state.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch November 18, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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