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Bloodborne Mobile Gets Rated, But It’s Clearly Fake


Just as Sony has perhaps given Bloodborne fans reason to hope that some momentum still exists for the franchise, an odd rating takes place in Australia for a “G – General” Bloodborne Mobile. This seems out of nowhere at first glance, as a difficult Soulsborne game like Bloodborne would not play well on the majority of mobile devices, and it falls apart on closer inspection.

Unfortunately, whatever is happening with it comes at an odd time. Sony recently made an odd Bloodborne post, zooming in on the key art, and many hoped Sony was teasing some sort of announcement. Fans have been begging for a Bloodborne sequel, a proper remaster, a PC port, or just a 60 FPS PS5 upgrade for quite some now, but nothing came out of that tease. In fact, Sony even deleted it shortly after as fans asked for concrete details, and the two do not seem to be related outside of being about Bloodborne.


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The Australian Classification Board rated the game on October 23, with the news slowly spreading and hitting its fever pitch early on October 25. It may decrease from hereon. It’s uncertain, but the big kicker here is that it is supposedly developed and produced by a company called Rock Great Games. Now, Sony owns the Bloodborne IP, so it could theoretically do something with the franchise without FromSoftware (which is presumably too busy working on Elden Ring DLC to work on Bloodborne). Many would not be happy with this, but in theory, Sony could task another studio, first-party or otherwise, with it.

However, no one has heard of Rock Great Games, and it’s unlikely Sony would give the beloved IP to a small-scale, unknown studio. There’s that, but there’s also the fact that Rock Great Games simply does not exist. It’s uncertain what’s really happening here, but it sounds like a scam first and foremost. Taking advantage of Bloodborne fans in such a way, or even just mocking it up to build hype, is just wrong. Few games trend every week or so for no reason, but Bloodborne is one of those.

Many are hoping Sony and/or FromSoftware eventually do something with the game. Many consider Bloodborne the best game of the PS4 generation, after all. But of all the things fans would want, Bloodborne Mobile would not be high on that list, and this isn’t even that.

Bloodborne is available now on PS4.

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