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Elden Ring Fan Makes 3D Printed Phone Case Based on Radagon

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An Elden Ring fan makes an iPhone case that features the Elden Ring logo, based on one of the most prominent bosses in the game, Radagon.

An Elden Ring fan has created an iPhone 13 case based on Radagon and the game’s logo, using a 3D printer. Elden Ring took the gaming world by storm by back in February, and a lot of fan projects have been in the works since. Now, fans are adding in-game items, logos, and more from their time in the Lands Between to the real world.

Elden Ring was marketed as the “most accessible” title developer FromSoftware has ever made. The game is continuing to get updates, such as the Elden Ring patch that adds a new cheese to the difficult Malenia boss. Much like the game itself, fans are continuing to add to the fandom of the title, as is the case with this new 3D-printed iPhone 13 case.


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In a post to Reddit by user Brilliant-Bicycle, the 3D printed phone case can be viewed in all its glory. It’s clean, and it mimics Radagon’s decaying innards that are also the basis for the game’s logo. The case is made for an iPhone 13, and it doesn’t appear that this particular case is available for other devices. The STL file to download and print the case with a 3D printer is available in Brilliant-Bicycle’s user profile on Reddit. Radagon, one of the game’s final bosses, has been the subject of a lot of fan-made projects. Another Elden Ring player made epic miniatures of Radagon and more characters.

From the post on Reddit, the reception to the case is quite positive, with over 700 upvotes. One user described the case as “disgustingly amazing.” With Elden Ring becoming as popular has it has, there has been a lot to pull from the game and make or even find similar things to the game in real-life. One Elden Ring player discovered a piece of museum art that looked a lot like the Prisoner’s Helmet from the game.

With all kinds of fan-made creations based on Elden Ring being shared among the games wide community, it is a testament to how passionate fans of the game are, and of how much of an impact this title made on the entire gaming industry. Besides art and phone cases, a lot of fans are also dressing up as characters for the game, such as an Elden Ring player dressing up as Varre for Halloween. With Elden Ring being one of the best-selling games of the year, it appears fans are only going to get more creative when expressing their love for the title.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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