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Sega Wants to Hire a Sonic Expert to Help Codify Sonic Lore


A new Sega of America job listing reveals the company is looking to hire an expert to help solidify and expand Sonic the Hedgehog lore. Sega appears to be doubling its efforts with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as the launch of Sonic Frontiers approaches, and the new hire may be key to establishing what’s canon in the series going forward.

Sega of America is looking to hire a full-time Associate Manager for its Burbank-based office in California according to a new LinkedIn job listing. The Associate Manager will directly assist Sonic Team with supporting the needs of the growing lore team and help evolve the Sonic franchise. The new hire will organize and codify the future of lore, canon, characters, and universes across all forms of Sonic media. Further, the Associate Manager will be involved in project management and creative duties for future Sonic projects at Sonic Team. Since the job is heavily involved in the Sonic franchise, applicants must certainly be well-versed in Sonic games, animation, and comics.


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Sonic Team’s new Associate Manager will set priorities, organize meetings, and assist the lore team throughout the entire creative process. The creative process includes brainstorming, scriptwriting, and review of story material for accuracy and consistency. Sonic lore must be verified and documented appropriately for future reference in order to maintain consistency in upcoming Sonic projects. At the same time, the Associate Manager must incorporate feedback and inquiries from Sonic Team in a collaborative effort. Communicative and managerial skills will prove to be vital in successfully codifying Sonic lore according to the job listing.

Assisting Sonic Team will be a great undertaking, so the new hire must be passionate about the highly successful Sonic franchise and willing to collaborate with a large team. Additionally, applicants require strong writing and communicative skills to facilitate many of the job’s important duties. Qualifications and skills for the new job include animation production management experience, project management skills, and proficient use of Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365.

Above all else, Sega of America aims to bring consistency to Sonic lore and game development. Sonic Frontiers reviews suggest a return to form for Sonic the Hedgehog after many years, and Sega should capitalize on the positive features of the game. Improving features and lore from where Sonic Frontiers left off will be an important task for the new Associate Manager.

Sega is investing in the future of Sonic games and media, but the results of the lore team may not be directly felt until more Sonic projects are complete. In the immediate future, fans can also look forward to the new Sonic Prime animated series coming this winter to Netflix.

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