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The Elder Scrolls Online Players Offended By Free Pet Following Disastrous Firesong Launch

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Players are outraged by the tone-deaf apology ZeniMax issued following an extremely buggy launch of The Elder Scrolls Online’s Firesong DLC.

The Elder Scrolls Online ended its “Legacy of the Bretons” storyline with a very underwhelming and extremely buggy Firesong finale, with many players frustrated by the re-skinned pet they received as compensation. Work on The Elder Scrolls Online began when Oblivion was still in development, and the engine that the game was built on has been pushed well past its limits. When Firesong launched on November 1 for PC, it caused severe performance issues for a vast majority of its players, and the myriad of bugs it came with made the experience unplayable.


It’s no secret that players have been unhappy with The Elder Scrolls Online‘s story for quite a long while, but their dissatisfaction runs even deeper than that. With ZeniMax Online Studios assigned to a new MMO project, many fans feel that the developer team is simply going through the motions. Updates seem to break the game just as much as they fix it, and each subsequent Chapter feels smaller in scope.

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As a means of soothing the audience’s frustrations with the disastrous launch of Firesong, ZeniMax Online Studios offered a Guar pet to players with an apology and a promise to do things better in the future. To say that it was poorly received by fans of The Elder Scrolls Online would be an understatement. The community felt that the gesture was insulting when compared to the compensation that other MMOs gave their players, and that the promise was empty because increasingly buggy launches have become a worrisome pattern for the game in recent years.

Numerous threads popped up on the official subreddit for The Elder Scrolls Online, but the message from its players has been loud and clear: a tone-deaf apology wasn’t going to allay their fears. Many argued that they would rather enjoy a slower content release schedule if it meant the developers had the time to properly implement new content and changes to the game. To these players, The Elder Scrolls Online had no shortage of content, but it was starting to display a lack of stability and direction.

If the rumors are true that ZeniMax Online Studios is working on a new MMO, and has therefore diminished its focus on The Elder Scrolls Online, then its struggle to meet the same deadlines it once imposed would make a lot of sense. Perhaps the best move for the long-term health of the game would be to take a break from the annual format it established with the Elsweyr Chapter, and gave The Elder Scrolls Online a much-needed makeover.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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