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Infographic Explains Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Rates

Catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is rare, and this Infographic explains just how low the rates are out in the wild.

Every trainer quickly learns that finding shiny Pokemon out in the wilds of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a rare occurrence, but a new infographic details just how low the odds of discovery really are. Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is out and in players’ hands, the hunt for the rarest Pokemon has begun in earnest, with shiny variations the crown jewel in any Pokedex.The infographic created by a Pokemon fan also helps with simple tips to increase the odds of finding shiny Pokemon.


Shiny Pokemon are variations with different coloring from the Pokemon’s base form. Introduced in Generation 2 with Pokemon Gold and Silver, avid Pokemon trainers consider shiny variants to be the most prized Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon hunting tips, tricks, and theories are common in fan groups with the most effective methods usually involving multiple steps before collecting even one shiny Pokemon.

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The infographic shared on Reddit by user BoltexGaming breaks down the discovery rates for finding shiny Pokemon and how trainers can influence the rates to increase their odds. Rates were calculated using a Shiny Charm, Sparkling Power level 3, and clearing 60+ Pokemon during a mass outbreak. A further breakdown shows each combination of the three factors and how they increase the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon. Even the best odds of finding a shiny variant in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are low, though hopefully it will not take 14 years to find a particular shiny Pokemon.

According to BoltexGaming’s chart, the best possible rate is 1/512 utilizing all three factors. Base odds of 1/4096 are the same as in previous games, but the improved odds with all three factors activated works to a reported four shiny Pokemon each hour. In order to get started, trainers will need to hunt down Herba Mystica by defeating 5-star Titan Pokemon raids and then make sandwiches with three herbs as the ingredient. Consuming the resulting sandwich will then trigger mass outbreaks to spawn, and after defeating 60 Pokemon, the shiny rate should be maximized.

Trainers reacting to the infographic on Reddit pointed out that this shiny rate is only applicable for wild encounters and has no impact on raids. Other trainers were happy for the simple, informative breakdown making the often difficult process of shiny collecting a little easier. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans will, as with past games in the franchise, continue developing faster and more effective collection methods as time goes on. While hunting for their own shiny Pokemon, trainers can admire amazing fan art of shiny Pokemon Scarlet and Violet variations.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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