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World of Warcraft Players Can Get Dragons Early with Dragonflight Augmented Reality Phone Experience

World of Warcraft launches a cute app for Dragonflight that allows players to take selfies, pictures, and videos of the with the Dragonriding mounts.

World of Warcraft has launched an augmented reality experience where players can take pictures and videos with dragons. The Dragonflight virtual reality experience is available now, and is free for everyone to play around with, whether they play World of Warcraft or not.

Players can easily access the “Get Your Own Dragon” experience by visiting its special website. Once there, simply scan the QR code on a mobile device to get started. Players will begin a quick tutorial on how to control the app before the World of Warcraft experience begins.


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The World of Warcraft augmented reality experience is simple, but fun. World of Warcraft players can choose between a Proto-Dragon, Highland Drake, Wylderdrake, or Velocidrake to pose with. Once they do, players can activate their camera and place the chosen dragon in the world. The dragons can be spun around, moved, and made larger or smaller. For action shots, players can even command them to roar for cool action shots, or cuddle up for some cute draconic pet sessions. The camera can even be inverted so players can take selfies with their dragon companion.

The four dragons players can pick in the experience are pre-made examples of the four types of dragons they can ride with the new Dragonriding system in Dragonflight. Though the “Get Your Own Dragon” experience does not allow fans to customize the dragons, Dragonflight will have countless options players can collect to create their perfect mount. These customizations are unlocked via questing, special challenges, and even loot from endgame dungeons and raids in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Players immediately jumped into the cute World of Warcraft: Dragonflight promotion to take their own shots and videos. Some posted examples of themselves gearing up for adventure alongside their companions, while others took pictures of tiny dragons hanging out with their real-life pets and collectible World of Warcraft figures. Though simple, the app is certain to provide hours of entertainment for fans as they wait for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s impending release.

This promotion came alongside a series of charming commercials World of Warcraft released for Dragonflight. Featuring The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal, Stranger Things actor David Harbour, and Alita: Battle Angel’s Lana Condor, the commercial casts the famous celebrities as dragon tamers to promote Dragonflight. Players won’t have to wait long to collect and customize dragon companions of their own. Dragonriding is unlocked quickly after arriving at the Dragon Isles, so players can start collecting customizations as soon as they start World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft is available on PC. Dragonflight launches November 28.

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