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Incredible Doctor Who Themed Xbox Series X Console Looks Just Like the Tardis

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A developer hosts the giveaway of an incredible Doctor Who-themed Xbox Series X console that looks just like the Tardis police booth.

Since the launch of the Xbox Series X, there have been a number of giveaways that included incredible custom consoles, and the latest one is a Doctor Who one that looks just like the Tardis. While there are sure to be more to come in the future, fans of Cyberpunk 2077, The Elder Scrolls Online, Halo Infinite, Spongebob Squarepants, and other big franchises have already been able to enter to win their own awesome Xbox Series X consoles.

Maze Theory is the development team behind Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, and it’s hosting a giveaway of an impressive Xbox Series X designed to look like the Tardis phone booth from Doctor Who. The blue police box phone booth has become a symbol of the Doctor Who franchise over the years as it’s one of several things in the show that carries over from one series to another as the lead role changes hands over the years. Though there have been some Doctor Who Tardis wraps for the Xbox Series X console, this unit from Maze Theory may be the closest thing to a replica that can be used to play games that fans of the series will find.


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Maze Theory recently shared a Twitter post highlighting the Doctor Who Xbox Series X giveaway and ways that fans can enter to win the console, a matching controller, and a copy of Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality + The Lonely Assassins. The Xbox Series X controller features the same visuals as the Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality game art with various characters from the title being on opposite sides of the controller with a lightning bolt in the middle. According to the sweepstakes, the Doctor Who Xbox Series X includes 3D features which make the realistic phone booth appearance possible, and the custom LED light is also packed in.

Although this is not the first Doctor Who Tardis Xbox Series X as a fan of the series has made one before, this bundle includes the new game which makes it easier for a lucky winner to express their appreciation for the series beyond the console itself. There are several ways that Doctor Who fans can enter to win this Xbox Series X bundle beyond signing up with an email that allows dedicated Whovians to put multiple entries in. The list of countries includes every region that the Xbox Series X is available in which may suggest that it isn’t a competition that’s limited to North America like other sweepstakes in the past.

With the Maze Theory tweet garnering over 1,000 likes, many Doctor Who fans have apparently already entered the latest Xbox Series X giveaway which replaces the Black Panther sweepstakes as the most recent. As multiple Doctor Who fans encouraged others to enter, one stated that they would buy the console from anyone who wins it because of how rare these Xbox Series X Tardis units are.

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