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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Finds “Biblically Accurate” Magneton In The Wild

While exploring, a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player discovers what they described as a “biblical angel” in the form of a cluster of Magneton.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player discovered a cluster of Magneton bunched together, and described her strange finding as a “biblical angel” Pokemon. The player posted a video of her encounter with the group of Magneton on Twitter, which went viral as players shared their own encounters while playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Despite the outstanding issues and reported glitches that can cause unintended behavior, such as the player character’s eyes bugging out in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the games remain prominently in the spotlight on social media. Even as some players continued to abstain from playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet until an optimization patch is confirmed or released by The Pokemon Company, some players have embraced the strange, glitch-riddled phenomena that can appear seemingly anywhere in the Paldea region. As a result, plenty of videos and memes have filled social media to the brim with Pokemon content.


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A Twitter user by the name of HachuruiDhoro posted a 15-second clip from her Switch of a selfie they took with a group of four Magneton stacked near perfectly front to back. With each movement that the Magneton made, the magnets around their bodies floated in an eerie, wing-like pattern reminiscent of the “biblically-accurate angels” that have appeared across social media in fan art. Though fallen angels have appeared in other video games, no actual angelic Pokemon have been created or discovered at the time of writing. As for the Magnet Pokemon itself, Magneton can be found in the wild around Glaseado Mountain and the Dalizapa Passage, with levels ranging from around level 35 and up. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Magneton evolves from Magnemite starting at level 30 and can evolve into Magnezone by using a Thunder Stone.

HachuruiDhoro’s video received over one million views over the span of four days. Subsequent replies from other players confirmed their own encounters with this strange cluster of angel-like Magneton in the northern parts of the Paldea region and thanked HachuruiDhoro for her findings. Some of the replies made comparisons between the angelic Magneton and the gigantic mecha found in robot-centric anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and shared some of the memes surrounding the cosmic horror depictions that “biblically-accurate angels” share. From eye-covered wings to alien-like features, the creativity was on full display.

With a reported 10 million units of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sold over three days, the ninth generation of Pokemon games has become a financial success, in spite of the glitches and optimization issues. As social media posts and discoveries continue to pile in, it remains to be seen if and when Nintendo or The Pokemon Company will acknowledge what has been uncovered with the games, intentionally or otherwise.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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