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Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event Bugging Out at the Last Minute

Some World of Warcraft players encounter trouble completing the Primal Storms pre-expansion event for Dragonflight due to erroneously low spawn rates.

World of Warcraft players have encountered a glitch in the Primal Storms pre-expansion event for Dragonflight just hours before it ends for good. This apparent bug is preventing some World of Warcraft players from earning an achievement and reward associated with the Dragonflight pre-patch event.

During the Primal Storms pre-expansion event for Dragonflight, elemental forces invade select locations across Azeroth. During the event, players battle elementals until they can strike down a powerful elemental boss, earning currency and progress toward the Against the Elements achievement. Three invasions spawn every three hours, meaning there are frequently elementals spawning for players to battle during the event.


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However, players have noticed that for the past few days, Wind Primal Storms had not been appearing during any of the invasion periods–according to reports, only one had spawned in the last four or so days. With only a single wind elemental invasion occurring over the course of a hundred or so invasions, it seems something has gone wrong with the World of Warcraft event in its closing days.

Defeating one of each of the four elemental lords is a requirement for the special Feat of Strength achievement for the pre-patch event. Additionally, players can create a special Unstable Elemental Confluence heirloom trinket by combining items dropped from each elemental lord. With the Unbridled Storm Lord’s absence over the past several days, and the event’s end coming when Dragonflight goes live in a few hours from press time, players who did not complete the Primal Storms event during its first week may be out of luck.

Some players have reported Wind Primal Storms appearing on a few servers over the last day or so, but in almost all cases, players seem to agree they have been exceptionally rarer than any others during the event. Players aren’t sure if this was intentional, a glitch, or if RNG was exceptionally unkind to those who had not yet completed the event. Regardless of the cause, players are not happy to be locked out of the special World of Warcraft rewards.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely World of Warcraft will be able to do something to make up for the strange absence of Storm Lords in the closing days of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch. Pre-patch events in World of Warcraft are historically active only in the days before an expansion’s release, and their rewards have rarely been brought back to the game later in its lifespan. Players who procrastinated on earning these rewards may have to take the loss unless World of Warcraft surprises them in the future.

World Warcraft is available now on PC. Dragonflight releases on November 28.

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