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Diamond Golem

Minecraft Diamond Golem

Diamond Golem came in Minecraft along with the other variants of Iron Golem. Every Golem is given a stat of its own which can be predicted from the material used in summoning it. For example, there is a variant made out of placing Glass blocks in a T-shape and a Pumpkin over it ( Glass Golem ).

This golem cannot withstand too many blows from the enemy and will break eventually upon receiving damage. Similarly, a golem made from TNT Block will give a substantial exploding impact once ignited.

In the case of Diamond Golem, its concept is similar to that of Iron Golem. Crafted from diamonds, this golem variant can carry stats significantly higher than that of the golem crafted from iron.

Stats Of Diamond Golem

To get to know the Diamond Golem’s strength, it is best to compare it with the stats of the Iron Golem. However, some of the properties that both behold cannot differ, such as their sound. After all, it is to be noted that all the variations that are included in the mods are based on the properties of Iron Golem. However, there will surely be a massive gap in the combat-related stats.


Iron Golem consists of 50 Hearts making it equivalent to 100 health points. Whereas the Diamond Golem has an exceedingly better amount of health. 150 Health points that will sum up being 75 Hearts.

This will make the Diamond Golem stand before any mob in Minecraft. It can tank a substantial amount of damage, proving him the best mob to summon while facing a crowd full of Zombies.


The value of Punching is undoubtedly the thing most will be interested in. As for the Iron Golem damage dealing, it deals considerably a fair amount of damage with each blow. Iron Golem’s damage ranges between 7.5 to 21.5 Health points ( takes away 3.72 to 10.75 Hearts ).

If we compare these numbers with the stats of Diamond Golem, we will see an excellent damage rate. That is to say, Diamond Golem’s every hit takes away 13 to 30 Health Points ( 6.5 to 15 Hearts ).

If provoked by the player, Golem will attack the player and keep chasing him. The mod does not affect any damage to the player by the golem. Instead, the values remain the same as in the base game. However, damage dealing will vary on the difficulty starting from easy to hard.

  • Easy mode: The player will take 4.75 – 11.7 health points of damage ( 2.3 – 5.8 Hearts ).
  • Normal mode: The player will receive 7.5 – 11.5 health points of damage ( 3.75 – 10.75 Hearts ).
  • Hard mode: The player will get 11.25 – 32.25 health points of damage ( 5.6 – 16 Hearts ).


Both Golem has the same speed ( 0.25 ) and equal resistance towards Knockback ( 1.0 ). This knockback resistance can make the Golems stay sturdy on their foot while receiving damage. Although, explosive damage might stagger the Golem and make it move an inch.


No matter which variant is in play, all will carry the same size as the Iron Golem. However, size will take its effect on the Minecraft Edition. The Height of the Golems will be 2.7, and Width will be 1.4 blocks for the Java Edition.

The Bedrock Edition will only change the Height from 2.7 to 2.9 blocks. These sizes determine the Hitbox of the Golem. One crucial factor is that the mod will not support Bedrock Edition, as Forge is the mod’s requirement.

Crafting The Diamond Golem

To bring the Diamond Golem or any Golem variant, the player must follow the structure of Iron Golem’s summoning. Form the T-shape with the blocks you wish to summon the variant of Golem. Then place the Pumpkin Head on top of it, and the Golem will be created.

Creating a diamond golem
Diamond Golem’s Summoning

Summoning will not trouble you in any way. However, it is a procedure that you should consider a hassle. A T-shape is simple to form, but if we are to form it using a diamond, it will require quite hard work. Also, the summoning method can be slightly different depending on your mod.

Crafting In Golems+ Mod

If you prefer playing with the Golems+ mod, then you can easily craft the Golems. It is to say that the player can simply open his crafting menu and adequately place the blocks. It will create an artifact that will be used in spawning the Golem with a simple click on the ground. This mod adds 22 new Iron Golem variants and 16 new Snow Golem variants.

Golems+ crafting method
Crafting In Golems+ Mod

Moreover, the Golem’s trait depends on the block it has been crafted from. Explicitly, a Golem made out of Ice will freeze the water as it walks onto it. Diamond Golem will have the most incredible stats among all the Golem variants.

Crafting In Extra Golems Mod

This mod adds 40 more variants of Iron Golem. With time, new Golems kept on coming in this mod. Crafting Golems of any variation will not differ from its base mechanic. However, a minor step is further added to make things more immersive. This includes only two steps to follow before you can start with the T-shape formation.

Extra Golem Crafting
Additional Step of Crafting in Extra Golems Mod ( from Curseforge ).
  • Firstly, you need to craft a magical paper through some common ingredients. This will include Redstone, Feather, In Sack, and Paper, with 1 for each item enlisted.
  • Lastly, you must merge this special magical paper with the Pumpkin Head. This will allow you to summon the variations of the Golems.

Similarly to the Golems+ mod, the variations in this mod will also hold unique capabilities of performing feats based on what variation you have called for. The stats of Diamond Golem will differ from the previous one in a few countable ways. The Health of Diamond Golem will be 220 points, equal to 110 Hearts. Furthermore, it will deal a fixed damage of 20 points in this mod.

Behavior of Diamond Golem

The behavior of every golem will relate to the Iron Golem. This will include the Golem’s stance, spawning, and defending mechanism for the villages and villagers.

  • The stance of Golem, by default, is neutral towards the player unless provoked. The Golem is hostile to any creature that tends to attack the villagers or the player and will rush them on sight. The golem will remain passive for the player if it is summoned.
  • Regarding the spawning of golems, either the player can summon them, or they are spawned in the villages. For the Bedrock Edition, the golem can spawn naturally in the town once the world is generated. In the Java Edition, the villagers spawn Golem because there is no golem within the village boundaries.
  • Golems will patrol the village and will attack any hostile mob on sight. They tend to give flowers ( Poppy ) to the villagers, their children, or the players. You can put Lead on the Golem as well. Moreover, the material of the Golem can be applied to it in case of repairing the Golems. For example, a Diamond can be used by the Diamond Golem, and it will restore its health.

Final Words

Overall, it is an excellent option to add a variety of Golems in Minecraft. The reason is that plenty of other hostile mobs or their variation has been added to the game over time. Iron Golem might find itself helpless between the crowd of unhospitable mobs. Therefore, a more substantial variation, such as a Diamond Golem, could benefit Minecraft players by supporting the Iron Golem and the villages.

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